Five Love Languages Short Summary

Five Love Languages Short Summary
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Romantic relationships fail because people do not know how to communicate with each other. Gary Chapman, the author of this book, gives insights on how they should communicate to strengthen their relationships. There are five languages the author believes that those who are in a relationship should use.

The first language is that of constant affirmation. In the author’s opinion, such words build people. Couples should be first to give compliments without being compelled. Words like, “you look gorgeous today” can go a long way in building the confidence of your lover. On the contrary, insults can only worsen things and leave the lovers bitter with each other. The book gives a variety of examples of words that can be used to encourage partners.

Secondly, lovers should spend more quality time together. Couples need to give each other undivided attention by talking and doing things together. Distractions and cases where dates are postponed are detrimental to the relationship. The author goes on to give suggestions on the activities that the couples can involve themselves in to build stronger relationships.

Besides, couples should always give and receive gifts. Getting a gift shows that your partner cares and they have you in mind. They are a symbol of the immense love that people have for each other. Couples who are hasty when it comes to giving gifts may have a strained relationship. Lovers should not always concentrate on the monetary value of these gifts. You need to understand your partner and the gifts that make them happy. That way, you can give them exactly what they love.

The fourth language for the couples is to serve each other. The responsibilities that you can assist your lover with, in this case, is cleaning the car, preparing a meal, and cleaning the house, among others. Acting lay, or sloppy is a message that you do not care. Pick on the tasks that your spouse takes as important to them. They feel more appreciated if you do them on their behalf.

Lastly, couples should physically touch frequently. Apart from making your partner feel secure, it also makes couples have a stronger connection towards each there. The touches should come in the form of back rubs, foreplay before sex, playful taps, and holding hands. The closer the couples, the easier it is for love between them to grow.