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Natures and god’s laws stand for the perfection around the human imperfection. Therefore, what Victor Frankenstein had done went beyond the boundaries of nature, trying to create a “perfect man” with the already dead parts of other humans. Victor Frankenstein goes against the laws of nature in this respect. He comes from a wealthy family […]
Frankenstein’s Failure In analyzing the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, it is difficult to determine which is worse, the downfall of Dr. Frankenstein himself or the degeneration of his creature into the realms of evil. Both Dr. Frankenstein and the monster begin their existence in a state of goodness and innocence, yet both are brought […]
1. Victor Frankenstein is the major character in the novel. He is obsessed with science and wants to reveal the “secret of life”. When he does this, he creates a horrid monster. Throughout the novel, Victor changes from a young curious and innocent man to a guilty-driven almost crazy scientist obsessed with revenge. His character […]
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