Frankenstein Application Essay

Frankenstein Application Essay
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In the word today, the behavior of a person is dictated by the way people perceive him or her in the community (Heslop &Lovell, 2012 pp. 28). The fear we portray before a person determines how he or she will react. According to Mary Shelley, the way the monster was rejected and treated contributed to his change of behavior and how it perceives the environment around it. This essay will cover thesis like, alienation and change of personal behavior, and family and domestic affections as a change of behavior observed in the novel, people’s actions as a reaction to abuse from others.

The author describes that some of the factors that led to the rejection of the monster by the community is because of it terrifying and horrible appearance; His yellow skin which scarcely covered the arteries and muscles beneath, his watery eyes, his straight black lips and his shriveled complexion (pp. 147). The author continues in the novel, when the monster was seen in the village, people become terrified of him, children shrieked and even a woman faints (pp. 56).

The third instant in which the monster is isolated and rejected is after helping a drowning child. The father fearing that the monster might harm his child he shoots at the monster (pp. 131). At this point after frequent rejection, the action of the monster is experienced. The monster started feeling lonely and needed love and compassion (pp. 137). This is when the monster recognized the magnitude of its rejection and realized that he will never be accepted in the society. Due to the realization, the monster fought back with violence saying that “I am malicious because I am miserable” (pp. 140). This means that the monster has opted for violence because he wants to getaway from the alienation he is facing. The violence of the monster has been brought about by the people’s action toward it.

The monsters need for love and companion insists that Victor creates him a female mate to bring an end to his misery, but Victor makes a mistake of tearing the female into pieces before its completion. The monster pays back by killing Victor’s female companion Elizabeth. The novel seems to criticize the alienation of others by there look and this is how the monster shows the alienation theme in the novel.

The novel, describes the home as a place where sanctuary and refuge can be found. This is seen when Victor is depressed and sick, he moves back home to recover, by the care of his wife Elizabeth, and to be with his perfect family. Another family is that of the DeLacey, there family live with love, and there is no quarrel among them. The children look after there blind father willingly and always sing and tell stories together (pp. 33).

The novel continues to shows that this perfect family was not enjoyed by the monster as when he arrived in the DeLacey’s family he is not given time to explain himself (pp. 43). The family immediately drives him out so as not to interfere with them. This shows how the monster is hurt and he realizes that however good he speaks his looks will always scare people away and that will always be expelled from family life. Because of this he devotes to destruction of good families. The neglect by the family also contributed to the action of the monster (pp 131).

People react differently to abuse and rejection. While some people might not have any issues related with rejection and abuse, a considerable number are affected by inferiority complex that results from this rejection. In (Duane and Sydney pp. 117) such inferiority complex can be as a result of disturbed childhood. When this continues the person may have a destructive behavior that may cause death either to him or to other people.


The above themes as discussed in the novel tries to bring out, to what extent a person can reach in terms of distraction. Mary Shelley advises us how learning to accept people and caring for them can really help in seeing the good side of others instead of the bad side. Mary Shelley also brings out the importance of living as a family and how love plays a very important role in a person life. We should respect each individual and see every human as unique (Landau, 2012 pp 476).

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