“Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley Essay

“Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley Essay
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The story is about Victor, from a rich family, who grow up in loving and compassionate surroundings around him. He later adopts an orphan known as Elizabeth Livens. This at least brings out a bright side of the book as it promotes moral care and love in the society. Not all books encourage love and care and still considered gothic; however, this book manages this. Hence, I still consider the book having positive teachings being no gothic.

In the book, it is visible that Victor came to get infatuated to his adopted sister Elizabeth, which happens to be a normal occurrence in actual life. This happens quite often in our day today society and is a great occurrence since it often leads to love and marriage, which is an expected societal phase. This brings out the positive value of the story in the book.

It is then depicted that Victor gets an obsession to study outdated theories of science even though his concentration is on having ideas to bring to life a human-like creature using dead parts, this is quite normal as part of a young boy’s fascinations and wild dreams. It is not supernatural for a young boy to have such ideas; hence it still not shown to be being gothic. He ends up making the creature he always dreamed of, and though the creature turns out to be lethal, he is just an active minded man who happens to be overly creative. This can still be given credit, for it is not a number of times that a young man gets to think of such great thoughts and turn them into reality; hence Victor really tried his best. In the book, the creature that Victor created turned out not very successful as it became so destructive that it ended up destroying the people he loved most. This is still defendable in the context man is to error. Every man makes mistakes whether big or decimal and just like any other normal man, Victor made a slight error somewhere; hence it all did not come out as expected. Despite all this, the man needs much credit for whatever he came up with almost worked, and it showed how much dedication he had. His intention when he was thinking it all was not for the creature to turn out to be destructive, but for it to be a successful invention which would add value to the planet. The book states that “His creation, which he has hoped would be beautiful, is instead hideous, with watery yellow eyes, and a withered, translucent, yellowish skin that barely conceals the muscular system and blood vessels. Oddly the creature has perfect, white teeth, black lips and long black hair” (Shelley, 2008).

Under normal circumstance, this would be interpreted to mean that the description he had for the creature was a scary horrifying one but just before that, another verse states that
“Frankenstein finds himself forced to make the creature roughly eight feet tall because of the difficulty in replicating the minute parts of the human body” (Shelley, 2008).

This shows that it was not Victor’s intention to make the creature scary. This shows that the author just created a simple twist to make the book enjoyable and not so obvious. At the start of the book, it is not known whether the creature will come out successful and in fact everything seems to go right and then just at the finish of the creation, the twist on Victor’s failure comes in and makes the narrative captivating. It makes the reader want to read more and know more of the occurrences. This means that the book was not meant for any gothic purpose, but was purely for making the reader more glued to it because of withstanding suspense. This shows the positive part of the book which should be credited.

Later in the book, it is noted that the creature asked Victor to craft him a companion; this just shows that in existence, no human being is an island, and we always need each other at one point or another. This shows that the author still proves a point on the importance of love and companionship

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