Brief Summary of Frankenstein

Brief Summary of Frankenstein
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The plot begins with a Captain Walton waiting for passage into Russia. He discovers an emancipated man on the ice in his journey and this man is Victor Frankenstein. Victor introduces himself and starts his story beginning with his childhood. Victor was born in Naples where he lived with his parents and brothers. Their parents adopt Elizabeth whom Victor falls for later on.

Some weeks before Victor leaves for University, Elizabeth and his mother contract scarlet fever and his mother’s condition deteriorates. Grief-stricken Victor tries to find ways to handle this problem using science. He starts by developing a way to reanimate non-living matter. He extends his research further and decides to create a human. Putting together parts of different bodies, he succeeds, but his creation turns out to be hideous. The creature wakes up, and Victor runs away, disgusted.

He runs into Henry, his friend on the street and decides to take him back to his apartment. Victor fears what Henry will have to say when he sees what he had created, but when they get there, the creature had escaped. Henry becomes ill after this and is nursed back to health in four months. Henry receives information that his youngest sibling had been killed and returns home. Henry spots the creature from a distance in the crime scene and becomes certain that it had done it.

Victor goes to hide in the mountains, but the creature finds him. The creature pleads with Victor to create another that looked like him so it would not be alone. The creature argues that if Victor made him a companion, they would retreat into the wilderness and if not he would destroy victors family.

Victor starts on the female companion but in fear, destroys it, convinced it would be the eviler than the former.  The creature vows vengeance and kills Henry, then plants the body to ensure victor was blamed for the murder. The creature goes on to kill Elizabeth, and Victor vows to take revenge on the beast. He follows it to the north pole where he falls due to hypothermia and exhaustion. Walton resumes his story from here. Walton saw the creature and pursued it only for the ship to get stuck in ice. He takes Victor’s story as a warning and turns the ship around. He then finds the creature mourning over Victor’s body. He vows to kill himself and retreats in the darkness.