Robert Baratheon from Game of thrones by George R. R. Martin

Robert Baratheon from Game of thrones by George R. R. Martin
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Robert Baratheon is a major character in George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, most notably featured in the Game of Thrones TV adaptation. He is a powerful and popular king who has ruled the Seven Kingdoms for 17 years at the start of the story. Robert is a strong yet impulsive leader with little patience for court politics. He is a skilled warrior, having fought in many battles before ascending to the Iron Throne. Despite his robust exterior, he is deeply flawed and often relies on alcohol and impulsive decisions to deal with his inner turmoil and loneliness. Robert’s reign is mired by political schemes, as well as his own physical and mental deterioration due to his heavy drinking, and ultimately ends with him being killed during a hunting accident. Robert is remembered as a great king who will always be revered by the people of Westeros. His legacy continues to live on in the stories of those he impacted during his time on the Iron Throne.

The Rise and Fall of King Robert Baratheon: A Tale from the Game of Thrones

King Robert Baratheon was the first ruler of Westeros after the end of the Targaryen dynasty. He rose to power in a bloody campaign known as Robert’s Rebellion, where he led his forces against King Aerys II Targaryen. After his victory, he declared himself as king and ruled for many years.

Robert’s reign was marked by prosperity and peace, as he worked hard to maintain order in the kingdom. He married Cersei Lannister and had three children with her. However, his reign was marred by his own personal failings; he ignored his duties as king for long periods of time, led a life filled with luxury and extravagance, and failed to provide a strong hand of justice.

Robert’s reign came to an abrupt end when he was fatally injured in a hunting accident. His death sparked great unrest in the kingdom, as his son Joffrey took the throne with Cersei pulling the strings behind him. This set off a chain of events that would eventually lead to the War of The Five Kings and Robert’s legacy as king was left in tatters.

An In-Depth Look at Robert Baratheon’s Legacy in George R.R. Martin’s Game Of Thrones

Robert Baratheon is a complex and powerful character in George R.R. Martin’s fantasy novel series, A Song of Ice and Fire (the basis for the HBO show Game of Thrones). He is an important figure who creates a lasting impression both in the books and on-screen. His legacy lives on in Westeros, and his influence is still felt throughout the world of Game of Thrones.

Robert was a strong and powerful ruler who was determined to be an effective leader for Westeros. He inherited the throne from Mad King Aerys II Targaryen, effectively ending almost 300 years of Targaryen rule. With his ascendency to the Iron Throne, he ushered in the Baratheon reign and began a new era of stability, prosperity, and justice. He demanded respect from his subjects, and was especially tough on traitorous behavior. His power was undeniable; however, his weaknesses became increasingly apparent over time.

Robert’s legacy is complex and often contradictory. On the one hand, he was a fair and effective ruler who brought peace to Westeros, defending it against foreign threats. On the other hand, his personal life was marred by excesses of all kinds: women, alcohol, feasts, and wars. Moreover, he fathered several illegitimate children with various mistresses during his reign.

Robert Baratheon’s legacy is one of a powerful ruler who ultimately failed to provide the protection he promised his people. His death ultimately left Westeros vulnerable to the ambitions of various families and power-hungry individuals, leading to the civil war that would become known as the War of Five Kings. Despite his flaws, however, Robert’s reign was a time of peace and stability for Westeros, and his legacy will be remembered by fans of the series long after his death.

What Would Have Happened if Robert Baratheon had Lived?

Had Robert Baratheon been saved from his hunting accident, the events of Game Of Thrones would have played out much differently. Instead of being killed off in Season 1, Robert may have survived and gone on to influence the world of Westeros even more than he already did.

One possible scenario is that if Robert had lived, he would have stayed on the throne and Queen Cersei’s reign may never have happen. In this scenario, Robert would be seen as an aging king in a weakened state but still very much alive. His rule would continue to be supported by his allies such as Eddard Stark and Tywin Lannister, who both believed in him and helped protect him over the years.

The death of Robert would have meant that Stannis Baratheon could not claim his right as King and Renly’s attempt to overthrow him would have been unsuccessful, as he did not have a strong enough support base. This means that the war between the Starks and Lannisters may never have taken place, and the Lannisters would continue to be a powerful force in Westeros.

In addition, if Robert had lived, he may have been able to prevent Joffrey’s reign of terror and ensure that his son Tommen got to take over the throne instead. This could have resulted in a much milder rule under House Baratheon, and the populace of Westeros would have been much less oppressed than under Joffrey.

Finally, if Robert had survived his hunting accident, he may have been able to rule for many more years before eventually passing away peacefully in his sleep. With no reason to wage war against each other, the Kingdoms of Westeros may have come together to form a peaceful kingdom, and stability would have reign in the land.

Ultimately, had Robert Baratheon been saved from his hunting accident, much of the events of Game Of Thrones may never have come to pass. His rule could have brought more peace and stability to Westeros, instead of the chaos that followed his death. It may have been a very different world had Robert lived.