Good Country People Summary

Good Country People Summary
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Mrs. Hopewell is a widow who owns a farm. She has to hire people to help her maintain this farm. Though she considers the Freemans busybodies, they are the ones she can rely on at the moment to help her keep the farm in good shape. Mrs. Hopewell describes then as good people of the country.

Take a Quick Look at the Plot

Hulga is Mrs. Hopewell’s daughter. She is perturbed by the Backwardness of Mrs. Freeman and her family. Previously, Hulga was called Joy. She changed her name while in college. At this point, Hulga has a Ph.D. in the area of Philosophy. At 32 years, Hulga looks troubled. She is extremely quiet. Additionally, she lost one of the legs in a hunting accident when she was young. That accident left her charred, and she has never completely recovered.

Mrs. Hopewell is not proud of her daughter. She feels Hulga does not have any defined career path that she can tell people. In Hopewell’s view, Philosophy is an ancient profession only associated with the Greeks. Additionally, Hulga has a heart condition, which means she is destined to lead a quiet life being a burden to his mother and those around her like the workers.

One afternoon, Manley Pointer comes to Mrs. Hopewell’s home. Manley Pointer claims he is a Bible salesperson. He talks to Mrs. Hopewell on the stories of salvation. Because he appears polite, Mrs. Hopewell finds him charming and tells him to avail himself for supper. Hulga also finds him interesting and intends to lighten him on some issues since she considers him naïve. Hulga walks him out of the house after supper. Manley Pointer persuades Hulga to meet him the next day so that they can take a walk and talk on various issues.

That night, Hulga imagines how she is going to seduce Manley Pointer the next day. When they meet, Hulga finds him too aggressive as she inquires about her wooden leg. She accepts a kiss from Manley Pointer. Hulga talks to him about philosophy claiming that she is one of those enlightened people.

After many kisses, Manley Pointer asks Hulga to give him the prosthetic leg as a proof of her love for him. However, Manley Pointer wants to sleep with her before he can return the leg. The pornographic materials in Manley Pointer’s confirm that he is not a religious person. Flannery O’Connor ends the story when Hulga is unable to move because she does not have the leg.