Gulliver’s Travels Short Summary

Gulliver’s Travels Short Summary
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Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift is a classic about Gulliver. He takes four voyages to different lands, and these voyages give him new perspectives to his life.

A Short Plot Overview

Gulliver’s first voyage takes him to Lilliput, a land where was gigantic, and the residents tiny. The Lilliputians are quite friendly at first, but on reading one discovers that they portrayed pettiness. Here Gulliver is convicted for urinating in their capital even though he intends to put a fire out and ended up saving numerous lives.

In his second journey, Gulliver goes to Brobdingnag, a land occupied by giants. In the land, Gulliver is as tiny as the Lilliputians appeared to him. He is kept there terrified even though he is treated well. The king humiliates him, and it makes him realize how disgusted the Lilliputians must have found him.

On his third voyage, he heads to a land called Laputa which neighbored Glubdugdribb and Luggnagg. In Glubdugdribb, Gulliver discovers he can communicate with the dead. In so doing, he learns some deceptions that were in the history he knew. The people of Laputa tend to be overthinkers and are also ridiculous in various ways. Gulliver also comes across a race called Stuldbrugs. This race had immortality as a blessing. However, Gulliver realizes that the residents live miserably.

Gulliver’s fourth voyage takes him to a race of Houyhnhnms. These are horses that have been given a reason. They are clean, rational, and simple, which is the opposite of Yahoos, a race of filthy and brutal animals who possess the form of humans. Gulliver then realizes that the Yahoos had some of the human vices within them. He decides to spend some years living among the Houyhnhnms. He lives with them for some time and realizes he does not want to take his leave.

He eventually told that he has to leave the island and he is filled with grief. He goes home and is disgusted by humans, his family included.