Essay on Hamlet, by William Shakespeare

Essay on Hamlet, by William Shakespeare
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Hamlet is one of the masterpieces of Shakespeare’s depiction of literary skills. Drama focuses on the story of Prince of Denmark. It is a story whose main genre is tragedy and vengeance. The role of villain is adapted by the uncle of Hamlet whose name is Claudius. His cunning character gets exposed when hamlet gets to know that he was the main reason behind the murder of his beloved father, Claudius takes over the throne of Denmark and wife of the kind, mother of Hamlet named Gertrude. Themes of play summarize the essence of avengement, pique, and acrimony.
The story starts at a cold night when the ghost of the murdered king starts making hallucinations to the guards. The truth is revealed by the ghost of the slain king at Elsinore, the Danish royal castle. The sentries first think that this is mainly the fear of their hallucinations but time proves them wrong as king regularly came to haunt people. The Ghost tells his son that he is unable to get peace and rest in the eternal form because he was murdered by his own brother Claudius. The ghost even tells the ways, Claudius killed him and he depicts that he poured some infectious poison in his ear when he was asleep in his bedroom.

The days of Hamlet pass in confusion after these incidents and he was touched and hurt to the core of his heart. The play also includes some romantic touch when Ophelia who is Polonius( chief advisor of Claudius) and Hamlet falls in love. Her brother Laertes scolds her and tells her that she should abandon Hamlet because he is from the Upper class of society and Hamlet is just exploiting her to get her desires satisfied. He becomes a hurdle in the love story of Hamlet.

In the end, Ophelia agrees to leave Hamlet when they get overheard in a room conversation by her brother and father and upon knowing that her father has known everything, she finally decides to lave Hamlet for the good of family (Shakespeare, 16).
The opening scene is the key when the ghost of the king appears at the scene. This ghost is responsible for triggering the events of the whole play. After getting hints from the ghost of his father, Hamlet plans and plots a way to get convinced on this fact and prove it to the world that his father was killed by Claudius just to get power and throne. Hamlet remains hesitant because there were number f questions arising in his mind that what if this sprit was some kind of devil just trying to tempt him. Despite all these confusions, he plans to expose his uncle in public.

He decides to depict a stage play named “The Murder of Gonzago” where he wills to reproduce the murder of his father. Expressing the scene of his father’s death process in the same way they happened, the public was overwhelmingly taking an interest. At the climax, on seeing the death scenes, Claudius could not take the pressure of the effects and it becomes evident that he was the killer of King.

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