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From the Struggle Is My Life vs Hamlet: Compare & Contrast

From the Struggle Is My Life vs Hamlet: Compare & Contrast
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There are several known differences in the style of writing in Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” and Nelson Mandela’s autobiography. Nelson Mandela’s autobiography recounts his detailed life story focusing on a language that can be easily understood. A realistic area of writing in terms of its events and places is used which a reader can easily trace and provide accurate information. The purpose of his writing sets out a goal which is to encourage and provide learning and inspirational insight for the readers.

“From the Struggle is my Life” and “Hamlet”

 The arrangement and form of the sentences are done according to the significant events of his life using a simple language that is non-poetic. The sentences use a variety of the clause to give a thought on the sentence. The writer used a starting form of a sentence that will relate and provide a compact thought of the paragraphs as a whole. The writing portrayed the mood of Nelson Mandela as he recounted the significant aspects of his life and his course to fight for freedom from slavery and racism in South Africa. This mood was inspirational, full of willingness, and bravery by the use of his words since this was done through narration and applied in writing. Nelson Mandela emphasized his experiences of racism against blacks, and these were the narrations that revolved about his fight for freedom. Short sentences that explain the overall thought of the sentences are used. The writing was able to describe the events of racism accurately on black citizens over the other citizens especially the whites, and this was the main idea of the autobiography.  Nelson Mandela also related these events to his theories and understanding of the reality of racism.

On the other hand, Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” shares a different writing style as that of Nelson Mandela’s autobiography. “Hamlet” was written by Shakespeare using poetic words inspired by literature. This was about Hamlet’s life on revenge and love for Ophelia which was more poetic. The arrangement of the sentences was quite complex as this uses self-descriptive thoughts through words by “Hamlet.” These are not easily understood because of their literary or poetic meaning. There were several clauses noted, but these mainly focused on one thought, unlike Nelson Mandela’s autobiography which was related from one event of his life to another. Sophisticated and classy languages were used way back from the historical days. These languages were mostly used by royal families or the royal society in general. However, these words were mixed with other words that can be used in conversations on a daily basis and on an ordinary set up. These words can support the main idea and reflect the form as to how the sentences were arranged to come up with a thought.


 Hamlet and Nelson Mandela share the same aspect of fighting for their goals and dedicating their lives to it. The only difference between them is the deliverance of their life stories and this is where the writing style was noted. The thought of the story is evident and identical as Nelson Mandela’s writing is based on actual events and reality that a reader can easily reflect as an individual whereas that of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” which is more on the fictional side. Nevertheless, writings were based on the author’s understanding and goals.