Hard Times Essay Example

Hard Times Essay Example
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The Hard Times novel of Mr. C. Dickens espoused the concept that women suffered discriminatory roles during England’s Victorian era (Dickens, 2012). Louisa must obey her father’s instructions not to fall in love. Louisa must obey all of her husband Bounderby’s instructions. Discovering Louisa’s affair with Mr. Harthouse, Louisa is forced to obey husband Bounderby’s instructions to return to husband Bounderby’s home.

Victorian Era Gender Discrimination

Unlike the male members of early Victorian England society, the women suffered from abuses. Initially, women did not initially have certain rights. Initially, Victorian women were not allowed to vote for their political leaders (Griffin, 2012). The wives could not enter into contracts or file court cases. The era saw the removal of all prior gender discrimination laws. The era saw the increase in the number of female employees. The remaining years of the Victorian era included granting the women the right to vote for their government leaders.

Further, another abuse is the wife’s being classified as the property of their husband. As property, the husband can generally do whatever he pleases with his wife. The wives must compulsory care for the family. The wives must clean the family abode. The wives must cook the family food. The female spouses should take care of the growing children’s needs (Griffin, 2012).

Furthermore, another abuse is the husband owning the wives’ properties during the early Victorian era. After the marriage is completed, the wives must turn over all her properties, except the wives’ real estate properties, to the husbands. Except the wives’ non-real estate properties, the husbands can do whatever he pleases with the wives’ and husbands’ properties.

As expected, the women were abusively forced to endure the husbands’ continuing abuses. The husbands literally own and can do whatever he pleases with the wives’ bodies. The wives were required to accept the husbands’ verbal abuses. The wives were forced to submit to the husbands’ sexual advances. The wives must willingly accept the husbands’ economic deprivation of the wives. Husbands can have affairs with other women. As expected, the women have no right to divorce their womanizing husbands (Griffin, 2012).

In addition, many Victorian era women’s groups rose to increase women’s rights. Slowly, the women’s rights increased. The lobbying of the women’s groups successfully deleted many legal provisions that were classified as violating women’s rights. Women were given their voting rights. The women were allowed to work as employees (Griffin, 2012).


Based on the above discussion, Mr. C. Dicken’s Hard Times masterpiece emphasized women had an abusively compulsory role in Victorian England society. Initially, the Victorian period women’s did not have the right to own or manager any property. Husbands control and can literally abuse the wives. During the later part of the Victorian Era, women were allowed to vote, apply for non-home jobs and other rights. Evidently, Mr. C. Dicken’s Hard Times novel advocated gender discrimination was prevalent during most of England’s Victorian time period.

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