I am Malala Short Summary

I am Malala Short Summary
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The autobiography is written by Christina Lamb and Malala Yousafzai. It gives the details of the life of a girl called Malala, who was shot by the Taliban as a result of her outspoken nature in support of education. The girl grows up in Pakistan. She speaks passionately about the need to educate the girl child. However, her beliefs do not augur well with the Taliban.

As she walks home from school, she shot is shot. However, the bullet to the head does not kill her. The care at the hospital where she is taken is substandard. Fortunately, a foreign doctor begins to treat Malala. To ensure she recovers well, she is taken to a hospital in Britain. The other members of the Malala’s family remain in Pakistan and also face security risks from the Taliban. Proper documentation to take the family to Britain takes time. They are allowed to stay in Britain because it is known they can be killed. Though the Taliban takes responsibility for the attack, no one faces justice for the attack.

Malala describes how the lived a happy life during her childhood. She is the firstborn in a family of three. The father works as a teacher devoted to bettering children’s education. The opinion is divided in Pakistan whether women should be educated or not. While some believe that women should have the opportunity to learn and choose their preferred profession, some are opposed to that idea. In Pakistan, women are expected to do their activities outside their homes accompanies by male relatives. Malala’s mother is known to respect most of the rules.

The Taliban are in control of the area where Malala lives. Their leader is respected most people in the area and receives huge amounts of money. Later, the leader becomes fanatical and openly influences other people to take on his beliefs.

Malala’s father also openly talks about what he believes. In his view, girls should go to school and should not be viewed merely as property. Consequently, he is warned that he might face the Taliban’s wrath. On the other hand, Malala’s mother did not receive any education. Therefore, she can neither read nor write. She feels frustrated that she cannot offer any help to Malala’s father as far as educating the children is concerned. Her efforts to receive education from a hired tutor are interrupted when Taliban attack Malala.