I Have a Dream

Compare and Contrast Similarities and Differences Between Dr. Kings Speech and Old Majors Speech

Dr.Kings speech and Old Majors speech share a common goal, freedom for their fellow citizens. However, despite their common aspirations, there are differences as well as similarities in both speeches. Dr King wants equality, but Old Major wants total control. Similarities same tone – full of expectancy and confidence both…

Speech Analysis of “I Have a Dream”

I have a dream” (Martin Luther King, Jr Every great speech is situated within a specific time and place, and responds to some problem or other. Inthe case of Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous “I have a dream” speech the occasion was delivered on 28th August, 1963 at the Lincoln…

I Have A Dream Speech Summary

“I Have a Dream” is a speech by Dr. Martin Luther King. It is considered one of his most famous speeches delivered in Washington, March 1963. The aim was to advocate for equal rights in access to freedoms and jobs. Dr. King narrated this speech at the Lincoln Memorial in…

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