“Into the Wild” by Jon Krakauer Argumentative Essay

“Into the Wild” by Jon Krakauer Argumentative Essay
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Into The Wilderness, It is clear that Jim tries to convince the boy out of his mission, yet he doesn’t budge. Relating this to real life, young men tend to be stubborn when they have a quest for something. They tend to use anything, including force, to proceed with what most often they believe is a calling of some sort to them, not considering the dangers related. Mccandless also claims that he will climb a tree when warned of the dangers of the bear. This shows how today’s young generation think that it is easy to counter risks despite constant warnings from people older than them. An example is when young men are advised against smoking owing to the risks related, yet they go ahead neglecting the risks. Mccandless says he has not talked to his parents for over two years. This shows just that the present-day youth consider family care is a burden to them. The fact that they have care is a burden, in their opinion; hence, they try as much as possible to get away from family.

Mccandless writes a note wanting help. That is proof that most people in the present world prove to be quite stubborn until the situation has got out of hand and cannot be helped at all. An example is a modern youth going out to have fun and drink and then drive; despite being warned, they still go ahead and get in an accident, either ending up in a hospital with acute injuries or permanent disabilities and traumas (Krakauer 2011).

Mccandless goes and works for Westerberg but is still not swayed to go back home, seeing the joy of living with others. This shows how passionate the people of the present generation can be about something and not give up despite all temptations. Although having attended religious sessions and having heard the edifications on life, suicide bombers go ahead with their quest, and nothing can push them away from their decision, not even teachings about the importance of having a life. Mccandless burns money and later quits a job when he realizes that he would not be given his salary. This is proof of the modern generation’s obsession with money. The fact that they have money is quite beneficial to them.

When Mccandles joins Jan and Bob, he claims that he cannot work with plastic people. This represents just how the people of the present generation can be proud despite having received assistance. They always want the best that they cannot give themselves (Krakauer 2011).

Mccandless convinces his friend Franz to adopt new ways of life, and it illustrates how the young generation always find it satisfying when they have someone following their beliefs. They still look for followers even though they do the wrong things. Mccandless writes that he will divorce his parents simply because they are controlling him. This is typical of modern youths: they never want to be controlled in spite of the fact that it is for their own good. They consider rebelling quite fashionable.

After his death, he was still close to his friends, Gallien and Westerberg, even after everything that had happened. This reflects the real world: people try to evade help, yet one cannot live without help.

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