Invisible Man vs Giovannis Room: Compare & Contrast

Invisible Man vs Giovannis Room: Compare & Contrast
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Baldwin’s literature focused on the treatment given to the African Americans writers by American society. He felt hat African American writers were not given an equal platform to be heard. It made most of their literature not to be taken seriously. He was categorical on Wright’s novel, which to some extent received much attention. According to Baldwin, the United States has been afraid to face racial issues and has since escaped by analyzing sociological issues. Wright has attempted to explain the attempts by American society to treat a black man as a social cipher instead of being recognized as human beings (Howe, 2007). The stereotyping of the blacks has caused guilt and fear, which Baldwin believes, can be corrected.

Ralph Ellison believed that was a time America realized the importance of its diversity and made the best use of it. He felt that the works of Wright should be a revelation for people to accept the realities and work towards conforming themselves. According to him, he asserts that Wright would have said that people with black skin and those oppressed in the world would achieve their humanity only through struggle (Howe, 2007). Wright believed it was bitter and unkind for young black writers to learn in their own way and their own time.

How both writers strive to achieve something beyond protest “Battle Royal” and “Sonny’s Blues”

The two writers believed that African Americans could fall victim to racial prejudices, conflicts, temptations, or stereotypes (Howe, 2007). Through this, the evolution of human rights would deliberate them and be freed. They could achieve equality in American society and get equal treatments just like the rest of the writer. By doing this, they would have achieved their goals to have equal representation in society.

Similarly, the two writers strived to achieve self-reliance and independence which black writers were not accorded. “Battle Royal” and “Sonny Blues” elaborates on the conditions of the black writers, which they were willing to change (Howe, 2007). However, this could only happen through a struggle and protest. Protesting would yield fruit if the whites bow to implement what the blacks required. The existing conditions by then could not allow the works of blacks to thrive, and it would be undermined. Therefore, the two writers wanted it to be changed.

Authors difference in the portrayal of African American cultures

In his book, “Invisible Man” Ellison described the conditions that prevented the blacks from meriting and achieving their best. They have constant discrimination, which could not allow their works to get better publications, because of this, they were not able to get much attention from the readers. Contrary, the whites had their way. Most of their writings found their way and recognition. It gave them the upper hand than the rest of the African Americans.

Baldwin’s novel, “Giovanni’s Room” did not go well with the black culture since it abandoned Negros life but instead focused on American life in Paris. His themes supported the literature of the whites and their ill about society (Howe, 2007). Therefore, it diverted from the main theme.


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