‘It’ Short Summary

‘It’ Short Summary
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‘It’ is a horror novel by Stephen King, who is a well-known American author. It was first published in 1986. The story is about a town named Derryl that is haunted by an entity that terrorizes children by exploiting their phobias. It is considered one of the scariest stories written.

A Look Through the Plot

The novel shifts between the present and past separated by the age factor. A group of seven children suspects that there is a monster in their town killing children. The group consists of Bill Denbrough, Ben Hanscom, Ritchie Tozier, Mike Hanlon, Stanley Uris, Eddie Kaspbrak and Beverly Marsh.

Bill leads the group and they later attain the name ‘Losers’ club. Bill has suffered a great loss from all of it. First, his brother George is killed by the monster after he chased a paper boat to a storm drain.

Every character’s encounter with It is described in detail. It then shows how they came to meet and join to create the club. They fight the monster and believe that they have killed it. They also make a pact that they will be ready to come back and finish It if the monster ever returned. Six of the friends leave the town later on leaving Mike Hanlon who works as a librarian in the town. He keeps watch of the town.

It awakens every twenty-seven years. This is marked by a series of murders that occur every 27 years. When It returns 27 years later, Mike alerts the others and calls them to come back and fight It. Five agree and return. Stanley decides to commit suicide instead of facing It.

When they meet in Derry, the story continues with It appearing to each of the six remaining. They are surprised to discover that they do not remember anything that occurred to them in their childhood. Mike is the only one who remembers since he never left.

The remaining goes to the sewers to confront It and find the monster taking the form of a giant spider. They fight it, and Bill pulls out It`s heart but Eddie dies. They discover that It was pregnant and they destroy the eggs before they leave the sewers. Derry floods and it is collapsing.

They leave the town, again leaving Mike. They make attempts to stay in touch, and that is when they realize that when they leave Derry, they forget everything, including their friendship.