Jane Eyre Short Summary for Students

Jane Eyre Short Summary for Students
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The story begins at Gateshead Hall. There is a young, Jane Eyre. She lives with Mrs. Reed (aunty) with three other cousins. Jane has wealthy relatives who are cruel to her. Jane’s relationship with Reeds deteriorates, and Jane is sent to Lowood School. Mrs. Reed lies to the manager of Lowood about Jane, and he promises not to forget it. She says, Jane. Jane vows never to forgive the aunty.

The condition for the students at Lowood is unbearable. Mr. Brocklehurst (school manager) exposes the students to cruel treatment. The girls do not get food, and the school itself is freezing. Jane makes Helen Burns her friend. There is a typhus outbreak that kills Helen. This leaves Jane, a devastated person. The epidemic at the school is publicly the harsh conditions students live in. New management takes over the school. Jane spends six years of learning in school. She spends another two years as a teacher. Later, she becomes a governess.

At Thornfield, Jane teaches a French girl, Adèle. She meets Mr. Rochester and is attracted by his personality. Mr. Rochester also finds Jane’s honesty attractive. Strange events take place when Jane is at Thornfield. There is eerie laughs cat night, unexplained fires are started, and mysterious stabbings. The act of Mr. Rochester courting Ingram upsets Jane. She pays a visit to Mrs. Reed who is unwell. Jane learns John Eyre, who is her uncle has been searching for her. When Jane returns to Thornfield, she is surprised by the marriage proposal from Mr. Rochester. During their wedding, there is an interruption as a man claims Mr. Rochester already a legally wedded wife. When Jane learns of Bertha, the wife, she always runs despite the pleas from Mr. Rochester

Jane learns to live with the sisters after being rescued while wandering. Later her uncle dies Jane a fortune is left in her custody. She gives a part of the fortune to the Rivers family. Jane refuses to marry St. John.

Jane visits Thornfield and is surprised to see the hall reduced to ruins. An innkeeper informs her that it is the work of Bertha Rochester who set it on fire before jumping from the roof and dying. Mr. Rochester lost his eyes and hands trying to rescue people during the fire. Jane visits Mr. Rochester resulting in reconciliation. They get married to each other. Mr. Rochester regains his eyesight and can see his first-born son.