Like Water for Chocolate Short Summary

Like Water for Chocolate Short Summary
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“Like water for chocolate” is a novel by Laura Esquivel, a novelist and also screenwriter. The novel got published in the year 1989. It is the story of a girl by the name Tita, the protagonist. It is based between 1910 and 1917 in an undisclosed part of Mexico.

An Overview of the Story

Tita is suffering. She loves a man named Pedro, but they can never be together since their family traditions cannot allow it. Tita’s mother upholds them. Tita is, therefore, stuck with having to look after her mother. Tita is going through a lot in her life in the novel. First, her mother is strictly tyrannical and makes Tita look after her. Pedro marries Rosaura, Tita’s sister because of their traditions. Furthermore, Tita’s other sister named Gertrudis, who is her confidant, becomes kidnapped by a revolutionary army general and ends up in a brothel.

Her best friend, Nacha, who is a mother figure and also her culinary teacher also dies. Tita is sought after by a man named John, but she is unsure she can love anyone other than Pedro.

While undergoing all this, Tita is quite the fighter and bears through these hardships bravely. She uses her food to express her love for Pedro. Further ahead in the novel, Tita runs away from their ranch with John. She continues with her cooking as a way of keeping the memory of Nacha alive and continuing the recipes of her family.

Cooking is Tita’s ultimate escape from all her troubles. It has helped her get through many challenges, including depression. In the outside world, there is a war in Mexico that is aimed at toppling the leadership. The people wanted a democratic country and hence fought to make it possible. At the end of the novel, Rosaura dies, and Tita and Pedro consummate their love. Pedro dies too. Tita continues cooking and organizes eating competitions and cooks while thinking of Pedro.