Little Fires Everywhere Short Summary

Little Fires Everywhere Short Summary
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At the beginning of the novel by Celeste Ng, the fire burns down Richardson’s house. It is Izzy, the youngest child in the family that is suspected of having caused the fire intentionally. Assessment from the fire department asserts that there are multiple areas the fire originated from. As the other children (Moody, Trip, and Lexie) watch the damages, Izzy is nowhere to be found.

The Brief Plot Overview of the Story

The narration goes back to a year earlier with the arrival of Mia and Pearl in Ohio. They lived in the property owned by Richardson. The two had been moving from one place to the next but promised they would live in one place this time around.

Moody befriends Pearl. Later, he invites Pearl to their house. Pearl finds Richardson’s family fascinating, and the children are beautiful. Though Mia notices that Pearl is slowly getting fascinated by the family of Richardson, she allows Pearl to continue visiting them. They all grow to like Pearl.

At Stacy Perry’s party, Pearl loses touch with Lexie, Trip, and Serena. She Calls Moodie to take her home. Later Richardson offers Mia a job. Pearl is not happy as she feels that she will ruin her relationship with the family.

When Izzy is suspended from school, she punishes the school by inserting toothpicks into school locks. Later, Izzy works for Mia as a photography assistant. A case of a photograph of Mia holding Pearl evokes many questions from the children.

When Richardson and Family attend a birthday party, Mia notices that the child adopted by the McCullough’s is the same as the one Mia’s former workmate Bebe left at the fire station. Mia informs Bebe about the child’s whereabouts.

Bebe comes to Mia’s house to inform them that she was denied access to her child when she went to the McCulloughs’. Bebe later goes to the media houses about her child and even sues the state that she wants custody of her child. When the Richardson family realizes that it is Mia that caused the drama about the child, they begin investigating her origin. The baby saga continues even after Mia’s identity is exposed.

Pearl begins a relationship with Trip, which creates much drama in the family. Later, Bebe loses the case to take the baby. When everything is clear about who informed Bebe of the baby’s whereabouts, Mia is chased away from Richardson’s house. Izzy burns the house in retaliation and goes away.