Looking for Alaska Short Summary

Looking for Alaska Short Summary
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The novel, written by John Green gives the experiences of Miles Halter as a first-year student attending a private school. His mother organizes a send-off party for him though it is poorly attended. Miles explains to his mother that his decision to go to a boarding school is purely to have a better life experience.

At the school, Miles meets his first friends: Chip and Alaska. They introduce Miles to how things operate in their school. The Weekend Warriors, a group made of rich kids amaze Miles. Chip believes there is something sinister about the group.

Miles find the topic on Worlds Religions amazing to him. Dr. Hyde teaches the subject. The Weekend Warriors are also rivaling with those who are full-time boarders. Besides Chip and Alaska, Miles makes new friends such as Takuma, a Japanese, and Lara, a Rumanian.

Chip and Alaska want to take revenge on the Weekend Warriors but needs help from Miles. Lara and Takuma. The five agreed to hide and wait for their target to appear. They get drunk and reveal many secrets about themselves. Lara and Miles act as girlfriend/boyfriend.

Miles visits Chip’s family during Christmas and notices that their friendship is way beyond just going to school. Mile’s friendship with Alaska also grows stronger just as his love for Hyde’s lessons. Miles and Alaska almost have sex during a celebration that took place in Alaska’s dorm. However, they were interrupted by a phone call.

Alaska later dies in an accident. Miles and Chip feel guilty because of her death. During that period, the friendship between the four remaining friends almost break. However, they make up. The class does a test on looking at Alaska’s death from a philosophical point of view. Miles later come to terms with the death.