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Macbeth, a Scottish noble man and a highly respected person in the society, popular for his valiant nature, a prime agent behind protecting Scotland’s kingdom from invasion by Norwegian invaders, is subject to the miseries by the misleading influences in his life. As the play opens, Macbeth is portrayed as an ideal nobleman, brave, courageous, […]
Macbeth, as written by Shakespeare is one of the shortest of his plays. It can aptly be described as a tragedy in line with the way in which various prominent characters are murdered in as well as the somber and dark mood that follows events as they unfold. It is a bloody account of the […]
“Macbeth” is a tragedy play by Shakespeare, which is uniquely named after the villain of the story whose tragic life the playwright portrays. Macbeth is one of the generals fighting for the Scottish King named Duncan. The play unfolds as the victorious Macbeth falls prey to the prophecies of three witches who tell him that […]
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