Madame Bovary Essay Example

Madame Bovary Essay Example
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The story “Madame Bovary” by Gustav Flaubert is a third person narration .The narrator concentrates much on the character Emma and there is a project of her feelings and thoughts by the author through her. The author uses indirect discourse where he integrates his thoughts and feeling without the use quotations. Only after the death of Emma does the author becomes objective. The author’s attitude towards his character is divided between irony and sympathy. We can indentify that Flaubert intensely connects with his heroine this when he quotes that “Madam Bovary is me”. This shows that the author has sympathy for his main character who is madam Bovary. We can also see his sympathy for her while he describes her passions.

In the novel he describes circumstances that conspire against her and he portrays many other characters as foolish, grotesque or ridiculous. Flaubert has made use of irony and contrast on many occasions always with an intention to convey to the readers his main messages. He combines UN decorative and straightforward irony with gorgeous description with the text cohesively to represent madam Bovary. When Emma fall in love the author practically make us feel her experience of love by describing how blood flew through her like river of milk. Flaubert wonderfully narrates the sexual disappointment of Madam Bovary her idea of post – wedding bliss and her decorum and elegance. He has given a notion to the readers about the world physically by showcasing how Emma delicately presented her meals to gifts to Rudolph.

Flaubert’s express his thoughts in an indirect words through the quotes of the character. In the book Madame Bovary says that “I have a lover! a lover!”. This means the author wants to express the thoughts and emotions of women in love. As per Flaubert(1886,pg. 98)“She repeated, I have a lover! A lover! delighting at the idea as if a second puberty had come to her. So at last she was to know those joys of love that fever of happiness of which she had despaired! She was entering upon a marvelous world where all would be passion, ecstasy, delirium”. Even when the author tells that “Madame Bovary is me” he is guiding the readers to the fact that he and Emma share the same desire and struggles.

In the story we can see that Emma fantasizes about romance and lovers same like the author who had love for an elderly woman. The author reveals the moods of his character through the literary style of his work. When Emma is restless and bored the prose plods dully and when she encounters pleasurable experience then it moves swiftly and rapidly. As per Flaubert (1886,pg. 42) “Yet she was full of covetous desires, anger and hatred. The smooth folds of her dress concealed a tumultuous heart, and her modest lips told nothing of her torment. She was in love with Léon, and she sought solitude because it allowed her to revel in thoughts of him at leisure”. The adulteress nature of Emma was revealed by Flaubert at many instances indirectly. Emma is a woman who is unsatisfied with marriage and goes on searching for love in different lovers.

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