Measure for Measure Short Summary

Measure for Measure Short Summary
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Vincentio, the Duke leaves Vienna and tells Angelo to be in charge. However, Vincentio does not go anywhere. Instead, he comes back disguised as a friar. He wants to watch the way things are going in Vienna. Corruption has been at its all-time high in the city. In a bid to show his power, Angelo arrests Claudio. Angelo sentences Claudio to death though Escalus advices him against it.

Here Is a Well-Composed Overview of the Story

Isabella, Claudio’s sister, is informed of his arrest by Lucio. She tries to plead so that Angelo can leave her brother alone. Although Angelo refuses at first, he tries to take advantage of Isabella’s beauty. The condition for the release of Claudio is that Isabella should have sex with Angelo. Isabella is not for the idea since she is just about to enter sisterhood. When Claudio tries to plead with Isabella to give in to the demands from Angelo, she is not happy.

The Duke comes as a friar and takes control of the things that take place. First, he makes Claudio feel comfortable with the death sentence. The Duke plans that Mariana should present secretly to Angelo in place of Isabella. Since the sexual act takes place in the dark, Angelo is not aware of the swap. Angelo, however, violates the agreement they had with Isabella and proceeds with the execution plans. In a bit to save Angelo, the Duke (now friar), arranges so that the head of another person is presented to Angelo in the place of that of Claudio.

Many events take place to add humor to the plot. Pompey is appointed to deputize Abhorson as the assistant executioner. Lucio also gossips to the Duke telling him stories about the Duke without knowing that the friar is the Duke.

The duke organizes for the confrontation that takes place and involves Isabella and Angelo. Angelo denies the accusations from Isabella. The Reader is left in suspense when the Duke (now back to his real self), sides with Angelo instead of Isabella. After the Duke forces the marriage between Angelo and Mariana, he sentences Angelo to death. Isabella pleads for Angelo’s life to be spared. The Duke forgives him.

After revealing that Claudio is alive, the Duke forces to marry Juliet. Lucio is forced to marry his whore. After that, the Duke proposes to Isabella. That is how William Shakespeare ends the piece.