Medea Analysis

Euripides’ play, “Medea,” tells the story of a woman, Medea, who is betrayed by her husband, Jason. After the betrayal, Medea is sent into exile after many of those close to her begin to fear that she may kill herself. Even after Jason tries to explain to Medea his reasons…

Jason as Both Villain and Victim in Medea: Character Analysis

 Euripides’ tragic play Medea tells the story of the character’s quest for revenge against Jason, the man who betrays her love. It is a complex tale with no true heroes or villains, only persons acting out of their particular human weaknesses. The brilliance of the playwright is seen in how…

Medea Brief Summary

The play ‘Medea’ written by Euripides is a Greek tragedy that tells the story of a woman who has been created in ancient Corinth.  Medea is a princess of Colchis and, at the start of Euripides’s play, she is just finding out that her husband, Jason, is leaving her for…

Medea Short Summary

Medea is a play written by Euripides. The performance of this play was first done in 431 B.C. Medea is based on a myth focusing on Medea and Jason. When Jason decides to marry Princess of Corinth, Glauce, Medea plans to destroy all the people that Jason loves as revenge….

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