Medea Short Summary

Medea Short Summary
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Medea is a play written by Euripides. The performance of this play was first done in 431 B.C. Medea is based on a myth focusing on Medea and Jason. When Jason decides to marry Princess of Corinth, Glauce, Medea plans to destroy all the people that Jason loves as revenge. Though the setting of the play is ancient, modern audiences find it interesting.

The events in the book follow Medea’s betrayal of her country, Colchis. In the beginning, Medea lives happily in Corinth. Things change when Jason, her husband, opts, to marry Glauce. During the period Medea is feeling bad about her loss, the nurse has a feeling Medea may do something bad to the children. Corinthian women come to comfort Medea though their choruses.

When King Creon, who is the father of Glauce, visits Medea, he sends Medea and all her sons to exile. His feeling is that Medea may do something bad to Glauce. Because Medea intends to go on with her revenge mission, she persuades the King to delay the sentence. Besides, Jason also visits Medea intending to explain to her that his relationship with Glauce is meant to make it easy for him to provide for the children he gave birth to with Medea. However, Medea days she no longer needs him and wishes him a bad life forever.

Medea launches her plan to revenge. The plan is to poison Glauce and kill the sons she had with Jason. The whole point is to ensure that Jason is hurt. She begins by offering a false apology to Jason. After she sends her sons with poisoned robes as gifts to Glauce, both Creon and Glauce are killed by the poison.

At this point, Medea is determined to implement the revenge mission to its completion. She moves fast to kill her sons. Jason attempts to save his sons fail as he finds that Medea killed them already. In the period of Jason’s grief, Medea can be seen happy about her achievements. She is carried in a chariot provided by the sun. Dragons are drawing this chariot. Though Jason requests Medea to allow him to bury his sons, Medea refuses to grant her request. Instead, she escapes with the bodies of their sons towards Athens. Meanwhile, the gods are confused about what to do in regards to the actions by Medea. That is how the story ends.