Miss Brill Short Summary

Miss Brill Short Summary
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The story by Katherine Mansfield begins on a Sunday afternoon. There is a faint chill, and Miss Brill is covering herself with a fur stole and enjoying her time at the public garden. She has stayed for long without wearing the stole because it was still summer.

As she sat in the garden, she enjoys the view of watching people as they passed around the area. Additionally, she was listening to music. She loved the fact that the music sounded more vibrant than how it had been in the recent past. However, the fact that the people seated next to her was not having any meaningful conversation that she could eavesdrop on made her disappointed.

Miss Brill Sat silently getting fascinated by the various activities that were taking place around the location where she sat. Meanwhile, some thoughts cross her mind. Her mind becomes fixated to the students whom she teaches English and the older man who keeps his ear to Miss Brill’s voice as she reads the newspaper articles. She then goes on to think of herself being part of a play that is in her mind. The picture that comes to her mind is her being on stage. The park is the stage, and she is the primary character in the Play in her mind. At this point, she wonders if her absence can be felt like she is the main actor in the play in her mind.

A couple comes to the garden and feels comfortable next to Miss Brill. She imagines them in the play scene in her mind. Miss Brill tries to listen in to what the couples are talking about in their conversation. Unfortunately, there is no relationship between their discussion and the imaginary play in Miss Brill’s head. They are making fun of Mis Brill. The couple is wondering why a woman of Miss Brill’s age would come to the park when she does not fit in such an environment. The woman says there is a relationship between Miss Brill’s fur and a dead fish. The comment makes Miss Brill angry.

Because of the negative comments from the couple, Miss Brill opts not to go to the bakery as it was her normal behavior on a typical Sunday. She went back to her poorly lit room at home. A woman sits for a moment and removes her fur. In her imagination, she hears something crying.