Mrs. Dalloway Short Summary

Mrs. Dalloway Short Summary
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By author Virginia Woolf, Mrs. Dalloway tells about a day in Clarissa Dalloway’s life. It got published in May of 1925 and has been considered one of Virginia’s best novels. It contains two stories that have been combined even though they are not connected.

The Plot Briefly

This novel starts when Clarissa is getting well after an illness. She intends to have a gathering at her house. Her day starts with her going to acquire some flowers for her gathering. That morning, Clarissa flashes to her past, which involved her decision to marry Mr. Richard Dalloway over Peter Walsh, another good suitor.

In the other story, Septimus Smith is a veteran who lives with Lucrezia, his wife. Septimus is still affected by the post effects of war, which includes hallucinations. A vehicle backfires and sends the man into shock. He starts reflecting on his war life. He lost a friend called Evans, a commander, and he currently holds frequent talks with him.

Clarrisa arrives home and remembers her friend Sally, who she was very close to. They even kissed once. Clarissa then starts mending a dress for her occasion, which was green. Peter visits her unexpectedly. Peter had previously informed Clarissa of how she would turn into a great hostess. That prediction seemed to be accurate. The two discuss their current lives and also some decisions they had made until they are interrupted by Clarissa’s daughter named Elizabeth.

Peter leaves and heads for a nearby park. Septimus and Lucrezia are also in this park. The couple gets into an intense discussion. Peter views the two as just two people who love each other, arguing. The two are talking about suicide. Lucrezia had arranged for Septimus to see a specialist called Bradshaw to combat Septimus’s condition.

Richard Dalloway is at lunch with Lady Burton, who did not invite Clarissa and only invited Clarissa’s husband. During this lunch, Richard feels the urge to head back home and inform Clarrissa of how much he loved her. He had failed to tell her this for a long time.

Elizabeth works with a certain tutor called Doris, whom Clarissa hates and views as her competition, trying to take her daughter. Septimus and Lucrezia head home to await the people from the asylum to arrive for him. He decides to flee the last moment through a window and meets his death in the process.

Clarissa’s gathering has several people from her youth, that includes Sally and Peter. Richard still is not able to tell Clarissa of his love for her. The Bradshaws arrive blaming their lateness on a patient (Septimus) who killed himself. The party turns out to be disappointing for Clarissa.