Native Son

Native Son Short Summary

The novel by Richard Wright explores the happenings that shaped the life of a young man of color living in Chicago called Bigger Thomas. Bigger’s primary concern is how to help his family survive. However, the jobs he gets only gives him meager earnings. As the story begins, Bigger is…

Automatic Acceptance of an Inferior Role by Blacks in Native Son

Native Son is one of the many novels authored by Richard Wright that border on the issue of racism and its implications. The novel is an embodiment of the hegemony of the white people as well as the close-mindedness and intentional powerlessness of the black people. While white people are…

Racism in Native Son

There are a lot of different themes that are in the novel Native Son. Many of them talk about things in history, or things which are still around today but not as much or are viewed differently. One of the biggest themes in the novel is racism, and it is…

Native Son Summary

Native Son, by Richard Wright, is a horrific story revolving around a young black man who kills a young white woman accidentally. He then pays the ultimate price. Bigger Thomas is the main character. He is a young black man who provides manual labor for a wealthy white family living…

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