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Oedipus the King

Introduction and thesis statement King cc, also referred with the Latin Oedipus Rex, is an Athenian tragedy where Sophocles gives the story of Oedipus, a king of Thebes who has a hereditary curse and who consequently has to suffer the terrible consequences of fate. At a time when Thebes is experiencing fires, plagues and other […]
This paper is primarily based on a largely contemplated and extremely riveting issue regarding the renowned ancient Greek climactic play “Oedipus the king”. The whole story revolves around Oedipus leaving him literally enmeshed in an astounding network of difficulties and realities. From the myriad discoveries made by Oedipus to the way he handles those discoveries […]
By managing to free the Thebes Kingdom from the terrible plaque, Oedipus is rewarded by being crowned the King. He also manages to get the blessing of his biological mother, Queen Dowager Jocasta. Oedipus had freed the kingdom by solving the Sphinx riddle. On the other hand, he had also fulfilled the Oracle prophesy by […]
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