Of Mice And Men

Of Mice and Men Analysis

After the aftermath of the First World War, recession-hit America leading to the crushing of stock, banks going out of control, and farmers all over the West grappled with bankruptcy. It is because of this reason that they decided to seek safe haven in the West, the region known as…

Carlson Character Analysis

From the onset, it is obvious that the author does not emphasize this character. The first thing we know is that he is an insensitive character. He does not want to know how Candy relates to his dog. All that Carlson says is that the dog is old and should…

Curley Character Analysis

Curley is known to be an aggressive character. Being a former boxer, he is always out to prove just how strong he is. As such, he picks fights with tall people. He targets Lennie on the farm. However, Lennie breaks Curley’s hand in self-defense. He is also an insecure man….

Crooks Character Analysis

In the novel, the character is given that name because he has a crooked back. As a character, he is used by the author to explain the effect of discrimination. He stays alone because he is the only black worker in the ranch. The first characteristic he has is pride….

Candy Character Analysis

From the beginning, Candy can be seen as a vulnerable character. First, he is old and views himself as someone likely to die soon. Moreover, he does not have any close relatives that can take care of him once he is out of this ranch. This is why he sees…

Slim Character Analysis

First, Slim is seen as someone exceptional in his demeanor. He moves as someone who is in control. Moreover, his skills when it comes to handling the mules is unmatched. It is said that he was able to drive up to 20 miles in a single line. His prowess earns…

George Milton Character Analysis

Unlike Lennie, George is physically small. First, George comes out as someone who easily gets angered. The reader can get this by the way he treats Lennie when he finds him holding a dead animal as they are traveling towards the ranch. Though George’s explanation to Lennie is that the…

Lennie Small Character Analysis

When Lennie small is introduced, the reader already knows that he is tall and most of his physical descriptions are the complete opposite of those of George. Whereas George has a definite shape, Lennie only fits the description of ‘shapeless.’ Most of his characteristics are paralleled to those of wild…

Of Mice And Men Character List

There are many characters in this novel. While there are those who play a huge part in the plot, others are just mentioned. For example, Clara, who is Lennie’s character, does not appear anywhere in the novel. Her mention is to help the reader learn more about Lennie and George….

Of Mice And Men Chapter 6 Summary And Analysis

This is the last chapter of the book. Lennie has arrived at the spot where they were to meet with George in case there was trouble. He is waiting for George’s arrival. Though the surrounding is peaceful, Lennie feels anxious. Meanwhile, he hallucinates with the image of his aunt scolding…

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