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Of Mice And Men

From the onset, it is obvious that the author does not emphasize this character. The first thing we know is that he is an insensitive character. He does not want to know how Candy relates to his dog. All that Carlson says is that the dog is old and should be killed. Though, he explains […]
From the beginning, Candy can be seen as a vulnerable character. First, he is old and views himself as someone likely to die soon. Moreover, he does not have any close relatives that can take care of him once he is out of this ranch. This is why he sees the opportunity to buy a […]
When Lennie small is introduced, the reader already knows that he is tall and most of his physical descriptions are the complete opposite of those of George. Whereas George has a definite shape, Lennie only fits the description of ‘shapeless.’ Most of his characteristics are paralleled to those of wild animals. For example, it is […]
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