Curley Character Analysis

Curley Character Analysis
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Curley is known to be an aggressive character. Being a former boxer, he is always out to prove just how strong he is. As such, he picks fights with tall people. He targets Lennie on the farm. However, Lennie breaks Curley’s hand in self-defense.

He is also an insecure man. He wants to cover up for his insecurities by attacking and dominating over people that seem weak. His main target in this story is Lennie. He accuses Lennie of interfering with his wife.

Curley is jealous. Being that he married a beautiful wife, he does not want anyone to talk to her. I fact, there is a time he accuses Slim of Seducing his wife. Curley does not want his wife to talk to anyone either. He describes her as ‘his possession.’ Because he isolated her from others, there is bound to be trouble.

He is secretive. When Lennie breaks his arm, he does not want anyone to know about it. His fact only has an idea of what transpired when she makes an inquiry of what caused the bruises on Lennie’s face.

The next trait that Carley has is the characteristic of being vengeful. He does not want to know the mental state that Lennie was in before he killed his wife. All Carley wants is to exert his revenge at whatever cost.

Curley is also arrogant. He wants to control everyone on the farm and wants everything to go as he wants. Anyone who does anything contrary to his instructions is attacked. This is why he attacks Lennie. His stature as the son of the ranch’s boss makes him despise other people. Out of all workers, the only person that Curly respects is Slim. This just shows how arrogant Curley can get.