George Milton Character Analysis

George Milton Character Analysis
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Unlike Lennie, George is physically small. First, George comes out as someone who easily gets angered. The reader can get this by the way he treats Lennie when he finds him holding a dead animal as they are traveling towards the ranch. Though George’s explanation to Lennie is that the dead animal is unhygienic, his first reaction is that of an angry person.

The same thing happens when Lennie tries to sneak the puppy into the bunkhouse. George confronts and instructs him to take the puppy away. When George realizes that Lennie and Candy have informed Crooks of their intention to buy a ranch, he becomes angered and even tells Candy to opt out of their plan. However, his anger quickly fades when he remembers that Lennie is innocent and is not aware of the wrong things he does.

George is also a schemer. He is the one that plans on how they should escape from Weeds. When they get to the ranch, he tells Lennie to keep quiet during their interrogation so that they can get the job. Even when Lennie almost exposes them, he intelligently lies that they are cousins. It is also Georges idea that they should have a meeting point with Lennie in case anything goes wrong in the course of their work on the farm. The act of George killing Lennie is also a show of intelligence. Since he knew that Lennie would die, either way, he killed him so that Lennie does not go through painful humiliation in the hands of Curley and his group.

He is also a calculative man. George does not just make plans. He works on how to achieve them. For instance, he works on the modalities of how they can achieve their dream of owning a ranch. When Candy offers to give them money to purchase the ranch, George works on how they can get the land. He calculates the most favorable area to buy the ranch, how long it is likely to take before they finally buy it, and how hard they need to work to actualize their dream.

George possesses a lot of problem-solving skills. As they get the job at the ranch, he has already foreseen that Lennie may misbehave and make them lose the job. Therefore, he instructs Lennie to behave well and even gets a location where they can meet if things go wrong.

George is an understanding character, as well. Despite Lennie’s irrationality, he still manages to be with him. First, it was Lennie’s carelessness that got them fired at Weeds. Lennie also keeps handling dead animals, something that George does not like. When Lennie finally kills Curley’s wife, George runs out of options and is forced to kill him. Before he killed Lennie, he had to tell him a story to distract him from the impending danger. He wants to kill Lennie painlessly so that he can shield him from Curley’s humiliation. Lennie’s death means they cannot continue with the ambition they had to buy a ranch.