Of Mice And Men Chapter 3 Summary And Analysis

Of Mice And Men Chapter 3 Summary And Analysis
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Slim gives Lennie one of the puppies. Lennie spends most of his free time with this puppy inside the burn. There is a time he tries to go with the puppy to the bunkhouse. He hid the puppy inside his jacket in a bid to meet that objective. However, he is forced by George to take it back.

Later, George reveals to Slim how their relationship with slim. George tells Slim that he cares for Slim as they grew together, and George knew Clara, Lennie’s aunt. When Clara died, George took the responsibility to watch out for Lennie. There was a time that Lennie nearly died when he drowned in the river when George played a trick on him. After George saved him, he found it wise to take good care of Lennie. George also tells Slim about the action of Lennie towards the woman that made them escape from Weed. From these stories, Slim concludes that Lennie is not a bad person.

Soon, Candy comes together with the old dog. Carlson still insists that the dog is suffering and should be killed. Carlson says he can kill the dog on Candy’s behalf. Even though Candy refuses, he later obliges to the idea of the dog’s death. Carlson finally kills the dog.

When Slim goes away, George remains with Whit. Carlson later returns. After that, Lennie and George begin discussing the type of farm they intend to own. George says it should have pigs and all kinds of vegetables. Candy makes inquiries about how much the ranch might cost to which George tells him he should save $600.

Candy says that he saved the $250 he received when he lost his hand when working on this farm. Since Candy does not have any relatives and he might also die in the next few years, he intends to offer his savings to George and Lennie so that they can buy the ranch. Though George accepts the offer, he tells both Lennie and Candy not to reveal the plans they have to any other person.

Lennie is happy that their dream may be actualized soon. Curley wants to know why Lennie is smiling. When he does not respond, Curley punches Lennie’s face. George instructs Lennie that he should defend himself by fighting. Curley’s arm is almost broken in the process. However, they agree that no one else should know about the fight.

The chapter tells the reader how close George and Lennie are close to purchasing their ranch. Candy is also drawn to the relationship, George and Lennie. At this point, Candy finds a worthy course to spend his savings.