Of Mice And Men Chapter 4 Summary And Analysis

Of Mice And Men Chapter 4 Summary And Analysis
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As Crooks sat in his room all alone, Lennie, who has been with his puppy, appears. Crooks is not happy with the presence of Lennie, saying that since he is not allowed to go to the white quarters, Lenny should also not come to the black quarter. However, Lennie ignores Cook’s words and continues talking. After a while, Crooks warms up to Lennie’s company. He reveals to Lennie just how much he has been lonely since childhood. When Lennie tells Crooks about their plan with George to buy a ranch, Crooks dismisses the dream.

Candy comes to search for Lennie. At this point, Crooks is comfortable with visitors and lets Candy get in. Candy says he has never been to Crooks’ room ever since they began working in the ranch years ago. When Candy talks of the amount of money they have set aside for the ranch, Crooks sees the plan might work and even offers to be part of their plan in case they need an extra person to be part of their dream to purchase a ranch.

In the middle of their conversation, Curley’s wife also comes. She informs them that she knows of the whereabouts of the other men. She says that her husband is part of the group, adding that those who were left behind are considered the weak ones. After that, she makes an inquiry as to what caused the bruises that are on Lennie’s hand. He connects the bruises to Curley’s broken arm. It confirms her suspicion that it is Lennie who inflicted the injury on Curley’s hand. She wants to tell them how powerful she is by threatening these three men that she can get them sacked any time.

After that, George returns. He is unhappy that Crooks now knows their plan of purchasing the ranch. That prompts George to refuse Candy’s offer to help them buy the farm in front of Crooks.

The chapter is an illustration of how people can be taken as weak. Due to Candy’s advanced age and the fact that he does not have a hand, he is among those who are considered weak. On the other hand, Crooks African American stature is used to demean him. Apart from the fact that he has to leave alone, the other men do not want to involve him in any of their plans. Lenny is taken as less intelligence compared to other people. Therefore, he is left behind. Curley’s wife is not considered equal to men because she is a woman. However, the three men were taken to be weak to enjoy their own company.