Of Mice And Men Character List

Of Mice And Men Character List
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There are many characters in this novel. While there are those who play a huge part in the plot, others are just mentioned. For example, Clara, who is Lennie’s character, does not appear anywhere in the novel. Her mention is to help the reader learn more about Lennie and George. To understand the people in this novel better, here is the comprehensive list of all the characters:

The Unstable Lennie Small

Lennie, who works at the boss’s ranch, has mental issues. He is described as someone with a huge physique. Additionally, he is tall and strong. Due to his irrationality in decision-making, it is George that directs in difficult situations. Because of the strength, he accidentally kills animals by holding them too hard. They discuss with George their vision to purchase a ranch shortly. The fact that they can actualize this vision gives Lennie a good feeling.

He gets into problems because of touching things. First, when he inappropriately touched the woman in Weeds, they are forced to escape from the job they had there. Later, he also kills a puppy and the only woman that was in the ranch. Consequently, George kills Lennie.

The Understanding George Milton

George is part of the migrant workers. He cares for Lennie because Lennie is unable to think straight in most cases. George has taken care of since Clara died. George advises Lennie on how to live. They (Lennie and George) escaped Weeds when Lennie misbehaved. He is the one that answers the interrogation questions before they are employed at the ranch. George wants the intention of owning a ranch later. That dream is short-lived as Lennie Kills someone in the current ranch. To protect Lennie from being humiliated, George kills him.

Slim the Expert

He is the supervisor and leader of the mule drivers because he is an expert in this field. His expertise and stature make everyone respect him. The other workers seek his advice when undergoing different life challenges. He later befriends George since he understands George’s relation with Lennie. He knows the things the two have been through. Towards the end of the story, the readers realize that he is the only one who understands the reason for George killing Lennie.

The Old Candy

This ranch handyman is advanced in age. He has a broken hand as a result of an accident that happened as he worked in the land. His worries are about the future. For his, he fears that he is likely to die soon because he is old. Additionally, there are no relatives to take care of him or a home to live in.

At one time, hears George discussing with Lennie about a ranch the two want to buy. He gives an offer of his savings to help buy the ranch. When Lennie commits the killing act, the old man is heartbroken because the dream to c-own a ranch may come to an end.

Isolated Crooks

He is the black American who cares for the horses at the ranch. Because he is of African origin and considered inferior, his interaction with other workers at the ranch is curtailed. He wanted to join Lennie and George in their plan to buy a ranch but later opted out


He is also a worker at the ranch. Because of his comment that Candy’s dog should be killed because of its advanced age, he shoots it. He had a gun that George used to shoot Lennie.


The only known son the ranch owner had. Though he has a small physique, he picks fights with taller people like Lennie. Recently married, he is full jealousy and prevents people from interacting with his wife. They are involved in a fight with Lennie in which Lennie injures Curley’s arm. Lennie later kills Curley’s partner.

Curley’s wife

In the whole novel, she is the only female character found in the ranch. The author does not give her any specific. Growing up, she wanted to act in Hollywood. Lennie carelessly handles her head, which leads to her death.


The character is not prominently mentioned in the story. He is part of the people who worked as a ranch hand.

The Boss of the Ranch

He owns the ranch. Additionally, he is known to be Curley’s father. He is the one who Interrogates George and Lennie before allowing them to work at his ranch.

Aunt Clara

She is the one who cared for Lennie. After she died, George started taking care of Lennie.

William Tenner

A former worker at the ranch. Additionally, he is a writer. There is a letter he prepared that was published a reputable magazine called the rancher.

Andy Cushman

He is only known by George and Lennie. They interacted with him when young. His improper interaction with women earned him a jail term.

Al Wilts

Wilts is Sociedad’s Deputy Sherriff. He is called when the lifeless body of Curley’s partner is found.