Slim Character Analysis

Slim Character Analysis
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First, Slim is seen as someone exceptional in his demeanor. He moves as someone who is in control. Moreover, his skills when it comes to handling the mules is unmatched. It is said that he was able to drive up to 20 miles in a single line. His prowess earns him much respect from the other workers in the ranch.

He is also said to be rational. Slim does not just do things because others are doing them. He has to be persuaded that it is the right thing to do. It is the reason why he is the final person who gives the go-ahead when Carlson is to kill Candy’s dog.

Slim is also a respectable man. Curley, the boss’s son, listens to what slim has to say on an issue. At the time there was a confrontation between Lennie and Curley, it is slim bat becomes the voice of reason and convinces Curley not to fire George and Lennie.

He is full of understanding. Even though he knows that Lennie has done something wrong by breaking Curley’s hand, he does not see any reason why they should be fired. After the fight, he uses Curley humiliation to prevent him from firing Lennie. Slim is the only person that knows the problems that George and Lennie have been through in Weeds. However, he does not judge them.

Slim is an empathetic person. He understands that George has to watch over Lennie so that Lennie does not misbehave. Moreover, out of the others, he is the only person that appreciates George had to kill Lennie. While the others are hell bent to vent their frustrations on Lennie, Slim knows George had to kill Lennie mercifully so that Lennie is not exposed to humiliation. Moreover, how Slim behaves towards Crooks is also different. He is not racist like the other people in the ranch.

He is a protector. The other workers on the farm go to him whenever they need advice on how to deal with their issues. That shows that they trust him. Besides, he is the one that prevents Curley from firing George and Lennie after the fight. Moreover, Slim is never happy when someone is humiliated. As such, he instructs those who witnessed Curley’s hand being broken not to tell anyone else. That was to protect Curley’s reputation in the ranch