Oroonoko Short Summary

Oroonoko Short Summary
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Aphra Behn begins the story by introducing a narrator who promises the readers that real events inspire the story. The setting of the story is described first. The bulk of the actions take place in South America. However, the first place of action is called Coramantien, now called Ghana.

The King of Coramantien had a grandson with the name, Oroonoko. Oroonoko had his achievements in the military. He loved Imoinda, the daughter of the man who mentored him. The king also loved her. Therefore, the king did not want her anywhere near Oroonoko. However, Oroonoko is determined to breach all the security measures and be with her.

In a bid to prevent Oroonoko and Imoinda from being together, the king sells her into slavery and lies that she died. That eventuality makes Oroonoko depressed. When he fights the enemies in the neighborhood, Oroonoko receives appreciation as the hero of the land.

As Oroonoko was about to recover from the loss of Imoinda, he is taken to slavery by a dishonest slave trader. He is given a new name, Caesar. Mr. Trefry, who owns the farm, takes him as a critical person. Oroonoko finds Imoinda in the farm too, and they begin a relationship.

When Imoinda becomes pregnant, they start being fearful that they may give birth to their child in slavery. When Caesar tries to escape with the other slaves, Deputy Governor Byam convinces them to come back. However, Caesar is separated from Imoinda and imprisoned.

Caesar recovers, after a while, and they are now convinced their child will grow in slavery. Caesar decides to hatch a plan to kill Imoinda and the unborn baby and later himself. He is imprisoned after killing Imoinda and later executed. The narrator hopes the love that Oroonoko and Imoinda shared can survive.