Oryx and Crake Characters

Oryx and Crake Characters
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The short story talks of Oryx a girl who was raised in the village but later sold to a village man that lived in the city. Oryx and his brother were among many children that were sold by their parents to go and work in the city. However, the village man, called Uncle En was a scrupulous businessman who engaged girls in unlawful businesses and prostitution. The story is narrated to Jimmy, the Oryx boyfriend. By this time, Oryx was a grown-up and has run away from Uncle En[Mar101].

Jimmy loved women, and he had many of them. But he loved Oryx more according to the way he referred to her. Though he might have been lying as he did with other girls. According to Atwood, Oryx life was difficult in his childhood[Mar101]. She says that they did not have a floor, but they had only that it was never cemented and that they used to take their food and sleep on it. The villager held the people in the city with high esteem because they had resources that they did not have. Moreover, they did not want to offend, anger or argue with them as that would result in denial of the goods and money. Oryx says that they trusted Uncle En no matter the pain they were going through[Mar101].

Through the novel, the life of the major characters such as Snowman/Jimmy, Oryx, and Crake is shown to have been bad in their early years. However, they turn around and change their lifestyles[Mar101]. However, they are all disturbed by their past except Oryx, who is an optimist of the future. Jimmy named Snowman in the text changes his name to depict the new beginning of a better life than before. Atwood demonstrates how best parental assistance is to children because they are guarded against all evil deeds in society. In chapter six, Atwood writes about recollection of Oryx, Jimmy and Crake’s past and how they are facing challenges in the present and the future. Oryx is grateful for what she has gone through and is now happy because she can speak English and have a good job.

Nevertheless, Oryx and his brother are sold to the city businessman to go hawk blossoms to the leisure industry in the city. However, it turned out that their work was not only so vend flower but also to engage in prostitution. Similarly, Jimmy was left by his mother as a small boy and had to do all things to survive. Therefore, it is a hard life that he had passed through that make him resentful and pessimist. On the other hand, Crake is portrayed as a realist as he does not complain must of his past, but he looks forward to doing something every day of his life.

The novel also demonstrates a state of evolution not only for the behaviors of characters but also for the new drugs that help treat new diseases and body malfunctions. However, Jimmy/Snowman is battling his present with his past[Mar101]. He is torn between the past and the future and is adamant to forget what he has experienced. The novel is a good trajectory of what goes on in our lives. There are those who experience well up bring while others are sold away while still young. However, it is an attitude and optimism that help people succeed in their lives.

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