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He is the son of the witch, Sycorax. Caliban knows the island well because he was born and raised there. Therefore, he feels like Prospero is taking over the island from his. First, he is a vengeful character. He does not feel good that he has to work for Prospero. This is why he hatches […]
The play has many characters who make different contributions to the plot. Below is a list that should give an insight into who you are likely to encounter in the course of reading the text: Prospero the Dethroned Duke He is the main protagonist in the pay. Twelve years before the events that took place […]
The scene revolves around various pictures of bondage. Ferdinand works as servant despite being loyal. He does not like Prospero but works for him anyway because his new love, Miranda would benefit from it. Miranda also offers slave-like devoutness to Ferdinand. Complete the Tempest Act 3 Scene 1 Summary Ferdinand starts working for Prospero. Unlike […]
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