Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost Summary

John Milton (1608-1674), is considered to be one of the most brilliant in EnglishLiterature. A multi-linguist with a prodigious memory, Milton is the author of several celebrated poems, pamphlets and prose work. By 1652, Milton had completely lost his sight. In spite of this disability, Milton completed his magnum opus,…

Paradise Lost Analysis

Satan has been characterized in the Christian religion as the epitome of evil and the very definition of envy. From the grace of God, he has fallen only to wreak havoc to everything that God has planned and has duly created. His roots as Lucifer, among the most beloved and…

Response Paper on “Paradise Lost”

John Milton’s great epic, Paradise Lost, has generated several interesting literary and social interpretations ever since it was written. Every scholar and critic, however, agrees that Milton wrote the epic to justify the ways of God to men. It is the story of the fall of man. The difference among…

Paradise Lost by John Milton: Analysis Essay

Paradise Lost by John Milton is an interesting story that vividly captures Satan’s supposedly rebellious acts against God, his subsequent expulsion from the heavenly kingdom together with the rebel angels, and how Satan convinced Adam and Eve in eating the forbidden fruit which led in their expulsion from the garden…

Paradise Lost Short Summary

“Paradise lost” is a long narrative poem authored by John Milton, and it narrates the creation pf the story starting with Adam and Eve describing their fall from grace with the Creator. This led to their expulsion from the garden of Eden, also known as Paradise. Satan was among the…

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