Paradise Lost Short Summary

Paradise Lost Short Summary
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“Paradise lost” is a long narrative poem authored by John Milton, and it narrates the creation pf the story starting with Adam and Eve describing their fall from grace with the Creator. This led to their expulsion from the garden of Eden, also known as Paradise. Satan was among the brightest angels in Heaven before his rebellion against God. He incited other angels against the mighty, ultimately leading to him being sent to hell together with his minions.

A Brief Plot Overview

This story begins in hell whereby Satan and his minions are undergoing torment in a lake of fire. They establish a place known as pandemonium, where they set up a meeting to deliberate on their next course of action. They resolve to seek revenge on the world, and Satan decides to go at it alone. On his way, God sees him and predicts the fall of humanity. However, his son, seated at his right-hand side offers himself as a ransom to the sins of humankind. In the meantime, Satan gains entry into the new universe and heads to the sun. While there, he dupes angel Uriel into showing him the way to a man’s dwelling place.

Upon gaining entry into the garden of Eden, Satan witnesses Adam and Eve. He instantly becomes jealous of them. One day he overhears the two speaking about the special commandment not to eat the forbidden fruit. Meanwhile, Uriel alerts angel Gabriel, who is guarding the garden. Gabriel manages to send him away. God then sends Angel Raphael to caution Adam and Eve about Satan’s plan. Raphael narrates to them how jealousy led to the casting of Satan and his team out of heaven and that the world has been created so that humanity can one day replace the lost angels in Heaven.

Satan comes back to the garden, but this time, he is disguised as a serpent. He finds Eve alone and convinces her to eat the fruit that they were warned not to eat. Satan told Eve that eating the fruit will bring her wisdom, just like God. Since Adam does not want to lose Eve, he also eats the fruit. Instantly, they discover their nakedness. God’s begotten son then descends to Earth to save the sinners. Satan’s off-springs, sin, and death then build a pathway to Earth after sensing his victory. God sends Michael to tell Adam and Eve the repercussions of their actions and send them away from Paradise. Satan and his minions are then punished by being transformed into serpents.