Descriptive Essay about Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy

Descriptive Essay about Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy
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Elizabeth Bennet

The most bright, clever, quick-witted and intelligent daughter of the Bennet family, Elizabeth Bennet came second in her siblings. She is one of the characters of novel Pride and Prejudice and also one of the most recognized and famous protagonist female role in Classic English Literature. Her way of conversation is very admirable and brilliant as anybody else. She is sharp, lovely, smart, intellectual and admiringly beautiful. It is her virtue and honesty that permeate her to go through the class-bound and hateful society. But, it is worth mentioning that her inclination to make rather quick judgments and sharp tongue often despise her. The story of Pride and Prejudice revolves around she and her love Darcy went through all the impediments and dilemmas of that time as well as their personal feelings to a time of happiness and tranquility. Elizabeth was faced with many hurdles along her way. She has to face her distant father, her unpromising mother, and two ill mannered younger siblings, and also to many annoying, antagonizing, and irritating females who let hurdles come her way. (Austen, 1996) Also she had to overcome the erroneous impressions she held of Darcy and the reason she denied his proposal. Her charming personality kept Darcy inclined towards her despite the fact that she was ruthless and arrogant at times. The first time when Darcy met her, she gets hurt by his comment that she is acceptable but not smart enough to lure him. At that time, she just blow it with a laugh but it kept on infuriating her and her later perceptions (rather wrong ones) of Darcy were build on the basis of what happened at the Meryton Assembly. She is so obstinately fanatical about her prejudice for Darcy that she puts a blind eye to Wickham’s derogatory views of Darcy’s delinquency. Social as well as familial turmoil pervades her life. Elizabeth is a proud girl and her pride deceives her in judging complicated characters, especially that of Darcy. With time, as she realized how noble Darcy was, she realized that she was wrong in her preliminary prejudice for him. (Austen, 1996)

Fitzwilliam Darcy

Darcy, a son of an affluent, well recognized family and also the owner of great estate of Pemberley, is a highly famous aristocrat of the London society of that time. When he comes to this little town Longbourne society, he went on to go into the Meryton Assembly immediately. Darcy has always spent most of his time with aristocrats and he is appalled by the humble nature of the people of that town. His prejudice is against the country folk in his novel. (Austen, 1996). He is an intelligent, outright, and smart guy and is believed to be the perfect match for Darcy. He is overly concerned about his social status and this has made him proud and judgmental. Darcy was conscious about how unsuitable Elizabeth was for him when he first proposes her. But her negative response creates a feeling of relentless in him to marry her. He went against his conceited aunt, Lady Catherine de Bourge and continues to force Elizabeth. In the end he made her realize that he was worthy of her and they end up happily together. (Austen, 1996)

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