Pride and Prejudice: Brief Summary

Pride and Prejudice: Brief Summary
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Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen, is a romantic novel that was anonymously published in 3 volumes in the year 1813. This is an English literature classic composed of incisive skill and superb delineation of character. It focuses on the tumultuous relationship between Fitzwilliam Darcy, a wealthy landowner and Elizabeth Bennet, daughter of one of the country gentlemen.

A Summary of the Story

The story is set in the rural parts of England in the 19th century and places a heavy focus on the Bennet family. It included five sisters of different characters. Mrs. Bennet is concerned with ensuring that all her five daughters get married. The reason is that the family estate is due for inheritance by William Collins upon the death of Mr. Bennet. At a party, the rich Charles Bingley who has just arrived immediately develops an interest in the first-born daughter Jane, but she plays down the interest.

However, Darcy, who is Bingley’s friend, is not about to let him marry below him. When all of them meet at a local ball, Darcy makes everybody aware of how unappealing he finds the entire arrangement. Shortly after, Collins arrives in the hope that he can marry one among the Bennet sisters. However, Elizabeth declines this offer, and instead, Collins gets engaged to Charlotte Lucas, her friend. Meanwhile, Elizabeth meets George Wickham, a charming military officer. The two share a mutual attraction, and Wickham informs her of Darcy’s refusal to give him his inheritance.

When Bingley suddenly leaves for London, Elizabeth’s hatred for Darcy intensifies and concludes that Darcy is undermining Bingley and Jane’s relationship. However, Darcy is increasingly becoming attracted to Elizabeth. Eventually, Darcy proposes to Elizabeth who then declines. When Darcy demands an explanation, Elizabeth tells him that he is trying to ruin Jane and Bingley’s relationship.

Darcy later explains himself to Elizabeth via a letter that he does not believe Jane is in love with Bingley. He also states that Wickham tried to marry his sister while she was 15 years old after squandering his inheritance.

Shortly after, Lydia, the youngest of the Bennet sisters elopes with Wickham. Elizabeth is greatly alarmed since that even could potentially ruin the reputation of all the Bennet sisters. Upon telling Darcy the news, he secretly persuades Wickham to take Lydia’s hand in marriage. He also encourages Bingley to return. In the end, Bingley gets engaged to Jane and Darcy proposes to Elizabeth once again. This time she accepts.