Pride And Prejudice Summary

Pride And Prejudice Summary
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The main focus of the book by Jane Austen is Bennet’s family. This story begins when Charles Bingley moves to Netherfield, a place that is 50 miles out of London. He is rich and single. His presence excites the people who live in the neighborhood. Mrs. Bennet is thrilled because she has the hope that she can marry off one of the daughters she has to him. She has five daughters, who are all unmarried. Mrs. Bennet wants them all to get married. Charles meets the daughters in Meryton Ball. The daughters find his outgoing nature impressive.

Moreover, Charles is also friendly as he spends quality time with Jane during the event. Fitzwilliam Darcy, a friend to Charles, comes out as proud as she refuses to have a dance when offered Elizabeth. This behavior does not impress the daughters and the people of the town.

After that, Charles, Jane, and Bennet’s eldest daughter draw close to each other. Their effort to be in any serious relationship is seriously thwarted by objections from different people. The first opposition comes from Bingley’s sisters who feel that Mrs. Bennet, Jane’s mother, has low standing in society. That makes Jane unsuitable for Bingley.  Darcy is also opposed to that relationship citing Jane’s indifference towards Bingley.

Even though Darcy does not like Bennet’s family, he finds himself attracted to Elizabeth, one of her other daughters. He particularly loves the fact that she exudes intelligence her eyes are expressive. Though Caroline Bingley is not impressed by this relationship and tries to discourage him, Darcy is still attracted to Elizabeth. Despite his growing interest, Elizabeth still does not like him because of his pride. Instead, Elizabeth likes George Wickham. George is a Militia officer who is handsome and has an attractive personality.

At one point, George narrates to Elizabeth how Darcy’s father has employed George’s father. During that period, Darcy and George were growing up together within their neighborhood. Darcy’s father favored George. Darcy refused to honor the request to bequest the revenue from the clergyman to George as instructed by Darcy’s father. That was all because Darcy was selfish. The story from Wickham exposes the pride and cruelty that Darcy has. Elizabeth does not doubt what Wickham says, which make her dislike Darcy more. She believes that Darcy’s refusal is what has caused the misfortunes befalling George.

In the course of the developing relationships, William Collins, Bennet’s cousin, pays a visit to Bennet’s family. Collins, who is a clergyman, is the one expected to inherit the estate that belongs to Mr. Bennet. Mr. Collins intends to marry one of Mrs. Bennet’s daughters, following the instructions from Lady Catherine, his patroness. Coincidentally, he wants Elizabeth. Elizabeth’s refusal of his proposition stuns him beyond measure. William Collins then falls for Charlotte Lucas, a friend of Elizabeth. Charlotte is drawn to this relationship because she intends to get married for security reasons. Her relationship is not driven by love. Soon, the two are in engagement and later marry.

To Jane’s surprise, the Bingleys unexpectedly leaves for London. Jane receives a letter from Caroline Bingley that the family will not return to Netherfield. Moreover, she expects Bingley to marry Georgina, who is the sister of Darcy. This makes Jane sad. Jane has to accept to live her life without Bingley though it is not easy for her. Elizabeth has a feeling that the Bingley’s sisters are trying hard to keep Bingley from Jane.

Charlotte who had since moved to Hunsford, Kent is visited by Elizabeth. She meets Lady Catherine, who is known to meddle in the lives of other people. Lady Catherine is Darcy’s aunt. Darcy pays his aunt a visit when Elizabeth is in Kent. Darcy arrives with Colonel Fitzwilliam, his cousin. Surprisingly, Darcy proposes to Elizabeth. She refuses this proposition motivated by the fact that she feels Darcy is the reason behind the separation between Jane and Bingley. Besides, she does not like his pride and the misfortunes he is believed to have caused to Wickham. A letter that Darcy gives Elizabeth shows that he does not have anything to do with Wickham’s misfortunes or Jane’s separation from Bingley. Elizabeth feels bad that the pride she possesses has always made her view Darcy in a bad light.

Later, Elizabeth returns to Netherfield. She stays for one month and prepares for a trip to Derbyshire County. They go on the trip together with Uncle Gardiner and her aunt. During the visit, they go to Darcy’s estate, which is located in Pemberley. Darcy is surprised by their visit and treats them honorably. The gracious treatment from Darcy surprises Elizabeth and her colleagues. Later, Darcy invites Elizabeth to the inn. While there, he lets his sister know about Elizabeth. At this point, he still loves Elizabeth. They attend a dinner together in Pemberley. Because of the niceness from Darcy and the fact that Elizabeth discovered he is not as bad as she first thought, she begins to have feelings for him.

While still in a situation where she feels like she is in love with Darcy, Jane sends her a letter. In this letter, there is information that Lydia has escaped with Wickham, and they are nowhere to be found. The two are in love, and there is a growing concern that they are living together. This makes Elizabeth return home with the Gardiners. Elizabeth feels that the relationship between Lydia is a disgrace to Bennet’s family.

Additionally, her love for Darcy is all signs of hopelessness. The search for the two lovers (Lydia and Wickham) by Mr. Bennet and Gardiner does not bear any fruits. When they were almost giving up hope of ever finding them, Mr. Gardiner receives information that they have been found. More information reveals that Wickham agreed to the marriage so that he could get annual income. The Bennets believe that it must have been Mr. Gardiner that paid Wickham. Later, Elizabeth discovers where the money came from. It is Darcy who does all that. Moreover, the payment that Darcy made is good since it saves the Bennets family from the risk of the daughters not getting married. Lydia and Wickham get married officially after they are found.

Lydia and her husband Wickham live in Longbourn for a brief period. During their stay, they receive cold treatment from Mr. Bennet. Wickham gets a new assignment in North London, and the two have to depart. After that, Bingley comes back to Netherfield. She continues with the relationship he had with Jane. Darcy stays with Bingley. When Darcy goes to Visit the Bennets, he keeps his intentions to marry Elizabeth secret. Bingley gets courage and proposes marriage to Jane. Everyone is happy about the move by Bingley except his haughty sisters.

During the celebration, Lady Catherine comes to visit. She goes straight to Elizabeth. Lady Catherine warns Elizabeth not to accept the marriage proposal from Darcy. She believes Elizabeth is not good enough to be her cousin’s wife. This is because she considers the Bennets lowly in society. Though Elizabeth tells Lady Catherine that she is not engaged to Darcy, she still insists not to do anything that she is not happy about.

Elizabeth and Darcy take a walk later. Darcy insists to her that he still has feelings for her. Since they last met, he has never changed. Elizabeth accepts the marriage proposal from Darcy wholeheartedly. They later get married.