Republic and Politics: Compare & Contrast

Plato’s “Republic” is a philosophical discourse that basically deals with an issue that pertains to justice, and it raises serious concerns about what justice truly is, in the true sense of the word (particularly in a city-state and individuals concept) (Plato 16). In the work, Socrates and many Athenians and…

Republic vs Politics: Compare & Contrast

 The leader has been of particular interest to philosophers – from the ancient Greek thinkers to Machiavelli to the modern-day theorists. Such fascination stems from the fact that leaders are power-wielders and they had the capacity to affect profound change in society and the lives of people either positively or…

Theories of Republic Essay

To many scholars in the world today, the mention of Pluto’s republic cannot go without the successive mention of one peter Medawar. This is because Pluto’s republic is the title of a book in which he is the author. Several of his critics have repeatedly affirmed that this book is…

Republic Short Summary

The Republic, by Plato, is a dialogue that includes Socrates. It mainly tells about justice. The Republic is considered his best work and one of the most influential in philosophy and politics. It was written around 380BC in Greek. It expounds on the differences in the current regimes and their…

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