Theories of Republic Essay

Theories of Republic Essay
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To many scholars in the world today, the mention of Pluto’s republic cannot go without the successive mention of one peter Medawar. This is because Pluto’s republic is the title of a book in which he is the author. Several of his critics have repeatedly affirmed that this book is a kind of compilation of his earlier compilations namely; Art of the Soluble and Hope of Progress. Medawar through this book is portrayed as a poet, a strong critic a scientist, and a philosopher of science.

A biological scholar who turned out as a great scientist of his time, Medawar contributed a lot by his own theories as well as outrightly going against others’ philosophies. He critically takes into account solutions that can be solved scientifically or not. H has strong and profound sentiments like describing scientists as having intellectual character but in a state of dignified, yet utter, confusion. We also had some naming i.e. “creation” scientists.

Theories criticized in Pluto’s Republic

Medawar was bold enough to say there is no theory of development in Mendelism since it is a theory that accounts for the results of the breeding experiment. He furthers this argument by citing that Darwin’s sixth edition of the origin of species was an autobiographical sketch. Medawar said Darwin claimed to have worked on Baconian principles and had not any theory collected facts on a wholesale scale yet later he again claims that he cannot resist forming a hypothesis on every object. That correspondence at the latter tells a different story.

            Also criticized, was the “pure” and “applied” sciences theory. Medawar argues that distinction has “grown” up between the two and specifically appraised the pure sciences as the best though they lacked practical application. He attributed this to revealing the intuitive axioms. In line with this, he criticized Teilhard De Chardin’s “The Phenomenon of Man”. He termed Charlins as putting forth a bag of tricks. As though not enough, he claims that by writing that, Chardin only expresses his desire to be deceived.

Theories of Pluto’s republic

I find it more fascinating, to begin with, the piling up of data theory. In this theory, Medawar speaks out rightly against more specialization. He amuses further by comparing it to the practice of digging a narrow but longer trench to reach further yet those who see you digging may not want to know or even do not know what the trench. Afterward, he gives an explanation to mean that there is no need t further science.

Romantic or poetic intuitive school of thought was another theory. Here he talked of the law of conservation of information. He states that the conservation of information is very much deserving law status because it holds them for all time and circumstance. Moreover, he argues that it is proper for science to be studied since it can only be studied.

Medawar also put forward the induction and intuition of scientific thought.  In an expression of what this theory was and implied, he states, “It is not usual for scientists to write about the nature of the scientific method, despite the fact that testimony of biologists of their scientific method should be heard with close attention.

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