Ricky of the Tuft by Charles Perrault

Ricky of the Tuft by Charles Perrault
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Ricky of the Tuft by Charles Perrault is a story about a young boy who is born with a tuft of hair on his head. Despite being teased by the other children for his appearance, Ricky remains optimistic and good-natured. One day, he meets a fairy who grants him three wishes. Ricky uses his wishes wisely, and as a result, he is transformed into a handsome prince. He marries the princess and lives happily ever after.

This story teaches children that it is important to be kind and to think carefully before making wishes. It also shows that even people who may not seem attractive at first can be beautiful on the inside.

The power of positive thinking

Ricky of the Tuft by Charles Perrault is a story about a young boy who, despite being born with a tuft of hair on his head, remains optimistic and upbeat. Ricky’s positive attitude is infectious, and he quickly becomes friends with everyone he meets, including the king. Ricky’s positivity is eventually rewarded when his tuft of hair grows back and he is given a position of importance in the king’s court.

This story teaches us the importance of staying positive, even when things seem difficult. It is easy to give up when we are faced with challenges, but if we remain optimistic and believe that things will get better, we will often find that they do. Ricky of the Tuft is a reminder that our attitude can make all the difference in the world.

The importance of being kind

Many of us have been taught since childhood that it is important to be kind. We are often told that if we are kind to others, they will be kind to us in return. While this may not always be the case, it is still important to try to be kind whenever we can.

One story that illustrates the importance of being kind is Ricky of the Tuft by Charles Perrault. In this story, a young boy named Ricky is born with a tuft of hair on his head. His parents are so ashamed of this deformity that they abandon him in the forest.

Ricky is found by a kindly old woman who takes him in and raises him as her own. Even though he is different from everyone else, she loves him unconditionally. Ricky grows up to be a strong and courageous young man.

When his adoptive mother dies, Ricky sets out into the world on his own. He soon discovers that people can be very cruel. He is ridiculed and mocked because of his tuft of hair. But Ricky doesn’t let this stop him. He continues to be kind and helpful to others, even though they don’t always reciprocate his kindness.

Three wishes and a fairy tale ending

When Ricky of the Tuft went to bed that night, he could not help but think about the three wishes the fairy had granted him. He had been so busy trying to make his first wish come true that he had not even thought about what his other two wishes might be.

Now that he had a chance to think about it, Ricky realized that he could use his remaining two wishes to make his life even better.

First, he wished that he could always have enough food to eat. No matter how much he ate, his plate would always be full. This wish would ensure that he would never go hungry again.

Second, Ricky wished for a magical book that would allow him to learn anything he wanted. This book would give him the knowledge he needed to make his dreams come true.

With these two wishes, Ricky would be able to achieve anything he wanted in life. He was sure that the fairy would grant his wishes, and he went to sleep with a smile on his face.

Ricky’s third wish was for a fairy tale ending. He wanted to live happily ever after, just like in the stories he loved. And that is exactly what happened.


Ricky of the Tuft by Charles Perrault is a classic fairy tale that has been passed down for generations. In it, a young boy named Ricky is born with a tuft of hair on his head. When he grows up, he is ridiculed by others for his unique appearance. However, Ricky doesn’t let this get him down. He remains positive and uses his tuft of hair to his advantage. In the end, Ricky’s kindness and determination are rewarded and he is able to live happily ever after.

This story is a great reminder that it’s important to stay positive and be yourself, no matter what others might say or think.