Destiny in Romeo and Juliet

Destiny in Romeo and Juliet
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Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet refers to a tragedy written down in the early career of William Shakespeare. The book regards two junior ill-fated lovers whose deaths eventually bonds their disputed families (Berry 2). Romeo and Juliet is among Shakespeare’s most admired classic stories of youthful, teenage lovers. This article will research about Romeo and Juliet and come up with the character that was responsible for the death of Romeo and Juliet.

Most of the actions that take place in Romeo and Juliet lead to the last event of the couple passing. Most, if not all, of the characters also have a decisive role in their catastrophic deaths. The characters that created the most dramatic effect upon Romeo and Juliet’s passing away are Tybalt, Juliet’s father, Lord Capulet, and Friar Laurence (Berry 4). Tybalt is the reason Romeo is to be deported. Juliets parents are the reason Juliet was furious and the rash choices she made. Friar Laurence weds Romeo and Juliet. This, according to the book, led to most of the troubles, since they, at all times, wanted to be together. It was not easy for them to achieve this. Friar Laurence has a decidedly massive role in the passing away of Romeo and Juliet given that he was the `go among men in this story (Berry 5). First off, he weds the two unlucky lovers. The rest of the proceedings in the play fall flat from there, given that nothing seems ever to go precise for the two main characters in the play. Friar Laurence gives Juliet a concoction which was anticipated not to poison her, but he permits her to run off and have a pleasant life with Romeo. This leads to both of them passing away, and from there, there is mix-up and much confusion in the story. The mail that Friar Laurence sent to Romeo and Juliet did not get to them on time, leading to their death. This also made Friar Laurence terribly upset till he committed suicide (Berry 17).

The main factor that brings the loss of these two young individuals is the concept of destiny. Before the plays action start, the introduction, which acts as a chorus, makes clear the plot and conclusion of the play. It suggests that the two lovers will perish since they are unlucky and that it is their destiny to die. No one can conquer destiny (Berry 24). The other highly significant thought or factor that brings so much trouble is the disputes. It instantaneously pits the couple against one another, not because of their own values, but for the objections, they will get from their parents before they can marry. Instead of waiting for the right moment, they secretly tie the knot. They thought that it was the best way to overcome their parents. However, even in the wake of this, the two young lovers endeavored to be together (Berry 33).

In conclusion, the disputes had been going on for a long now that nobody could remember how they began. The argument is meager enough that, with the passing away of Romeo and Juliet, the quarrels instantly end, and finally, the families decide to make peace. If not for the quarrels, the story would have been remarkably diverse (Berry 42).

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