Schindler’s List Short Summary

Schindler’s List Short Summary
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Schindler’s List is a horrific Screenplay prepared by Thomas Keneally revolving around an ethnic-German. Oskar Schindler, a businessman who moves from Moravia to Krakow. He is pushed by the motive of taking advantage of the Polish Jews forceful relocation to Krakow ghetto as an avenue of starting his business. The film touches on themes, such as violence, slavery, and war.

An Overview of the Plot

It is now 1939 amid forceful German removal of the Polish Jews from towns to Krakow ghetto. It is during this period that Schindler arrives from Monrovia in Krakow with the primary intention of making money from the Jews situation. Crowned as a Nazi party member, he entertains and praises the SS top-officers in charge of procurement with the primary intention of securing factory for himself. He is offered one factory that manufactures soldiers’ mess kits.

He has no idea of running the company hence approaches Stern, who seemingly knows much about the trade, black markets, the community of Jewish around, and hoe to do business in the setting. Stern knows a lot concerning the environment since he is a member of area’s Jewish Council. He uses his familiarity to convince several Jews businesspersons to offer Schindler loan to start a factory and in return, hold some shares of the company. The factory begins operation, and Stern is given the task of finding workers. Schindler’s factory employees are seemingly saved from being taken to concentration camps where it’s believed killing is not a new thing.

The Plaszow concentration camp construction comes to an end during winter, and Amon Goeth, the SS commanding officer, orders an immediate liquidation of the Krakow ghetto. The Jews inhabitants are rounded up and herded out. The less cooperative, ill, and the elderly persons unfit to work are shot dead. The liquidation process disturbs Schindler, but his dream for the continued operation of his business keeps him closer to Goeth. He gives Goeth some bribe and in return gets the power to own a sub-camp for the jews. His primary intention with the camp is to have as many jews as he can to work for him and also to protect them from Goeth’s cruelty.

It is now 1944 the war is already intensifying, and the Germans are starting to lose the battle. Schindler convinced of the danger ahead persuades Goeth to sell him his Emilia factory workers, and the deal goes well. Amid the war, Schindler then bribes officials so that the Jews under his charge survives. He transports them safely from the death prone Poland to Brunnlitz after that he hears the news that the Germans have surrendered the fight.

In the end, the war comes to an end, and Goeth is executed while Schindler is continuously unsuccessful in business and also bankrupt. However, he is well taken care of by the former employee he salvaged from the hands of death. He is honored as “righteous among the Nation.” by the Holocaust museum of Israel. He dies in 1974 aged 66 and buried in Jerusalem.