Sense and Sensibility Short Summary

Sense and Sensibility Short Summary
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Sense and Sensibility is a spectacular book authored by Jane Austen. The novel narrates the tale of the Dashwood sisters. The narrative commences with Henry Dashwood’ demise, thereby leaving Henry’s whole estate to the first wife’s son. The second partner, together with the Dashwood sisters, is left with nothing. The late Mr. Dashwood’s second wife then leaves to live with the Middletons, her distant relatives. Her three daughters, Elinor, Margaret and, Marianne, accompany her. However, Elinor leaves with a heavy heart since she has to leave Edward Ferras behind. They live at Barton park where the sisters quickly make new acquaintances. One day, two new relations of the Middletons madam, Mrs. Jennings visit their home. These were Anne Steele and Lucy. Lucy befriends with Elinor and confides in her that she was a secret lover to Mr. Ferra. At first, Elinor thinks Lucy is talking about Robert, Edward’s junior brother. However, she is astonished to learn that Lucy was referring to Edward.

Austen’s second volume is about Elinor and Marianne, and how they go to London accompanied by Mrs. Jennings. Colonel Brandon then informs Elinor about Marianne’s and Willoughby’s plans to wed. Marianne looks forward to meeting Willoughby once again. However, when they do meet at a party, Willoughby denounces Marianne and sends her a letter stating that he is no longer interested in her. Brandon then explains to Elinor all about Willoughby’s callousness and debauchery. Mrs. Jennings confirms the same and adds that Willoughby was engaged to the rich heiress, Miss Grey.

Volume three starts with the unintentional revelation of the information about Edward’s clandestine engagement to Lucy by her older sister. Edward’s mother is furious and chooses to disinherit him in favor of his younger brother, Robert. Marianne becomes severely ill from a cold as the three Dashwood sisters visit their friends at Cleveland. Willoughby then visits her to explain himself and seek absolution. Elinor then discloses everything to Marianne, and she realizes that she and Willoughby were never meant to be.

Upon the Dashwood’s return to Barton, they discover that Lucy plans to wed Mr. Ferras. They think that Lucy is planning to wed Edward Ferras. However, Edward arrives shortly afterward and informs them the gold-digging Lucy chose to marry his younger brother Robert. Edward is now free to ask for Elinor’s hand. Shortly after, Marianne and Colonel Brandon become engaged. These couples live harmoniously at Delaford, maintaining communication with their mothers as well as their junior sister.